The Bachelorette; Season 12: Episode 3 -- The Chad Show, Part 1.

June 7, 2016

If you didn't know, tonight is only part one of the two part/two day Bachelorette adventure. Yes, you heard that right, tonight and tomorrow I will be Bachelorette blogging while we watch JoJo find love.

Two nights of the Bachelorette is great, but 4 hours is a lot, so let's jump right in.

Date 1: Chase. You all know how I feel about Chase. He is top 3 in my mind. Let's do this Chase, let's get physical. (guys, the date card said that, don't be gross). JoJo is the cutest worker-outer I've ever seen. And Chase's red face is the cutest. The kiss while strange in the middle of yoga was so dang sweet. Guys, if their conversation didn't solidify how you feel about Chase, then I don't know you. And, oh Charles Kelly, I love you too.

Did you love that song Charles Kelly sang? Me too. Here it is for ya!

Excuse my language, but Chat is a butthole. I really like James Taylor and Robby. I think they could be sleepers.

Group date: Even Chad's lifting buddy is embarrassed to be his friend. This whole sex thing is so strange. Sure, we get it, intimacy is important, but sharing sex jokes. JoJo... really. Alwaysssss, I totally forgot Wells was still around, he is so dull. Evan should have known that him talking about Chad in his "speech" would set him off, roid rage or not. I'm bored, lets get to the one-on-one dates. JoJo is very over Chad as are all of us. Next.

Guys, Chad calling out Evan AND JoJo, let's hope that was the final nail in his coffin. And add the security guard into the mix. What show is this?

James Taylor: He's adorable. He's a bad dancer, but he's adorable. I love them. I love JoJo's sweater on this one-on-one. Can I just get her entire wardrobe? He's way to good of a dude to be on this show. His song, swoon.

Chad is eating a raw sweet potato. Did everyone catch that? A raw sweet potato. Oh Daniel and your Trump comment.

Needless to say I'm super pumped for tomorrow. All day pool parties always make for good TV and when you throw a Chad in the mix, you know good TV will follow.

What do you think is going to happen tomorrow? Is the blood real? Does Chat really cut legs off and throw them in the pool? Does Chad stay or does he go?

See ya all tomorrow!
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  1. The sweet potato thing.. so weird... and I can't figure out if Chad is in on the joke a bit. like he knows how he's coming across so he's just doing it on purpose.. or if he's actually 100% serious.

  2. Omg so much drama this week! I'm really over Chad and Evans antics. The conversation between Chad and Daniel with the sweet potato and political comparisons was probably one of the funniest Bachelor conversations ever!

  3. I was DYING when he was eating the sweet potato. You could tell he was laughing while doing it. Evan and Chad both need to go tonight.

    xoxo, Jenny

  4. I'm beyond excited for the episode tonight! I'm in love with James Taylor, but I'm not sure if they really have that much chemistry! It really bothered me that the Canadian was making comments about American politics. I have no idea what goes on in Canada because I don't live there, so why is he doing the same thing? I really hope that Chad loses it tonight!

  5. LOL I so didn't notice the raw sweet potato thing, hahahahahah. That's hilarious. I actually kind of feel bad for Chad, because the majority of the crap that he says is like honest and true, he just isn't going along with the whole fakeness/rushed relationship-ness of the Bachelor. He is also a total jerk, so there's that. He is just a real gem on this show, I hope he stays for the drama ;)


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