Henry's Fat + a GIVEAWAY for your pup!

June 20, 2016

This weekend, Henry, Adam and I ventured to the vet this weekend, exciting I know. But Henry has the worst breath in the world. He's had his teeth cleaned before, he eats dental cleaning chewers and he's still cute, so I never really thought twice about it.

After telling us how cute Henry is, as predicted, the vet told us that Henry's teeth are gross and need to be cleaned, okay. However, the vet also told us, which we were not expecting, was that Henry is fat.

I've always known that Henry was a little pork chop/breakfast sausage, but then the vet repeated himself again, Henry is fat, he needs to lose 1.5 pounds, no more overfeeding and no treats. Keep in mind Henry is a solid 9.5 pounds, so losing 1.5 might not seem like a lot, but it is.

Having someone tell you, you cant give treats to your dog is like telling you not give your baby treats (at least that's how I make the correlation). I knew I couldn't give up treats entirely, but I knew I needed to find a good treat. A treat that is good for his teeth and his future summer bod.

Oh hey, here's the part where I tell you that Henry got to try these treats in exchange for me writing about them. If he had opposable thumbs you better believe it's be writing this because he loved them. 

Cue, Caru Dog Treats. Caru all started because the pet parents had a dog with ear infections. After learning more about what dog treat and food brands put in food (don't read some labels) they knew they needed to make something better.  So in close collaboration with an accomplished animal Ph.D. nutritionist, they created a complete line of nourishing meals and treats that look, smell and taste as good as homemade food.

Here are some reasons you and your pup will LOVE Caru.
  1. Carefully selected, human grade products. This means you could eat them and that they all pass FDA regulations. This is crazy to me that not all dog brands have to follow this. We let dogs sleep in our beds, lick our faces but then we feed them food that is harmful to people? What are we thinking. 
  2. Made in the USA. Go 'Merica. 
  3. Great for dogs with allergies. If Henry is anything like me (and people say we look alike soo) then he is suffering with allergies. Anything that can help, I am on board. 

Henry absolutely loved the treats. He loved them so much that I have to keep them in the garage because he can smell them, through the bag and the Ziploc I put them in. I'm not lying, he was scratching at the laundry room door because he knows that's where his treats are. 

The cool thing about Caru is there are a lot of different flavors to chose from. Do you have a picky dog? Want your dog to try new things? Oh well, you are in luck. From Alligator to Venison, I'm pretty sure you'll find something your pup will love. 

Henry chose the venison and loves ittt. So, what are you doing? You should be entering the giveaway below! 

THREE lucky winners will receive a bag of dog treats, the flavor will be up to your pup! 

So go, enter below! 
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  1. I'm going to order some for Harry! Thanks for the info!

  2. So glad you found something good for Henry!

  3. I would pick the salmon, he loves all kinds of treats so any kind would be fine.

  4. Aww :) Henry is so cute! We give our dog a treat daily around noon and I'm kind of shocked he's never begged for one any other time. (Our cat on the other hand... omg. haha) I might have to try these!


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