The Bachelor: Hometowns are here.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This is my favorite episode ever! Hometowns are here. We get to meet the mothers, kids, fathers and the over protective brothers. The dads have doubt, the moms get drunk and the girls say they're nervous 100 times. This is when the crazy really comes out.

We are almost there people. Its been a long, fun ride with Mr. Ben, but now it's time. This is the biggest date of the girls life. Here's my questions and thoughts regarding their hometowns. Also, what I think is going to happen and where the girls stand. Remember, Adam is in italics :)

Amanda: First of all, could she be any dang cuter with that little top? Dang. Second, Ben holding the littlest baby, swoon. Third, is Ben ready to be an instant dad? This family is super intense. Like, I get it, but she went on the Bachelor, wasn't this expected? After this date, I think it's over between the two. As sad as it will be for Amanda's little girls, I just don't see it.

Lauren B: So, I have to move to Portland now so I can eat all the grilled cheese and bread with butter. Did anyone else hear Lauren say Li-berry. Liberry. No. Moms name is Kristen (yeah yeah) and she has a huge glass of wine. I like this mom and this family. These girls are setting themselves up for total devastation. Ben crying with Lauren's sister. I die.

Caila: Honestly, she bores me and slightly irritates me. I don't get it. Nope, bad bad vibes. This is the worst date ever, it is so forced. Chris is wearing orange khakis. Ben didn't even get to eat, let the poor man eat! Caila's family seems pretty normal, but I just do not see them together.

Jojo: Chad versus Ben. That was super dramatic and the timing couldn't have been more planned. The brothers are totally my favorite part of this hometown. I think the brothers should go beat up Chad. Keep drinking your wine mojo -  it'll get you through. THE MOM JUST DRANK STRAIGHT FROM THE CHAMPS BOTTLE. Oh, JoJo. I think you should win, but I don't think you do win. I think she's the next Bachelorette. 

Girl sent home: Amanda. I think Ben is probably the best bachelor in history. He is so thoughtful. Him crying, swoon.

PS. THE PREVIEW. He tells TWO women he's in LOVE. This is huge. I think it's Lauren and JoJo. Who do you think he says I love you to?

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  1. I literally have in notes from the show "said Liberry. NO" ugh!! And yes! Move here to Portland!! Not kidding, there is a food truck that serves a grilled cheese hamburger.. so it's a whole grilled cheese sandwich as the bottom bun, a whole grilled cheese as the top bun, then a big burger in the middle. It is AMAZING.

  2. I was sort of bummed he sent her home. I was fully expecting it to be Jojo after the brothers hounded him. haha But, that would have been the obvious choice and it never is. I think you're right, Jojo will be the next bachelorette!

  3. I totally agree with your predictions. These poor girls are all so invested... I just can't imagine having my heart broken on TV! BRUTAL!

  4. Not having watched this show all season-I saw a few clips on fb from US Weekly of him doing "the home" visit and I can say as a mom...I was not impressed with Ben! You know what they say about first impressions! He'll never end up marrying any of these my humble, unsolicited, "motherly"opinion. But I know you and so many others love this show Kristen... I am sort of curious which girl is going to get him...for awhile anyway!! LOL!! I knew Adam was "the one" from the first time I met him!! xoxo

  5. CAILA IS THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON ON THE PLANET. End rant. I think they'll bring Becca back to be the next Bachelorette. The audience is totally invested in her.

  6. It was a great episode!! Ben was definitely nervous around the brothers...I was a littel sad to see Amanda go!! I think JoJo is a goner too!

  7. YESSSS I'm so glad you caught the mom drinking straight from the bottle too. I died over that. I had to rewind and Snapchat it to everyone LOL

  8. I'm so sad I've missed so much of this season. Love Ben.

  9. How many times have I told you I don't actually watch the show but LOVE it through your eyes. You are the best at these reviews! Can't wait to tune in next week!

  10. I hear the bachelor this season is def good. I'll have to catch up and see what I've missed.

  11. I totally agree with everything you said! I can't wait for next week!!!!


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