Recipe: Beef and Broccoli

February 25, 2016

When I was little and we would order chinese food, I got the same thing every time -- chicken and broccoli. To this day, it is still my favorite chinese food order.

My husband is more of a beef kind of guy, so when I found this recipe, I knew it was the perfect combination of my favorite meal and my husbands. That is what I can a win/win.

The best part about this meal and most of the meals I post? 1) It was so easy and 2) It was made in a crockpot 3) it is healthier than takeout. Yes.

Here's reason #334 I'm a bad blogger, I forgot to take pictures, except for the final product. But to be honest, you put all the ingredients in the crock pot and boom.

  • 1.5 pounds flank steak, thinly sliced and chopped into 2 inch pieces
  • 1 cup beef broth
  • ⅔ cup coconut aminos
  • ⅓ cup coconut sugar
  • 1 tablespoon sesame oil
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • ¼ teaspoon red chili flakes (optional)
  • 4 cups broccoli florets
  • 2 tablespoons corn starch + 4 tablespoons cold water
  • sesame seeds for garnish
How to make:
  1. Grease the inside of a slow cooker. Add steak, beef broth, coconut aminos, coconut sugar, sesame oil, garlic, and chili flakes. Cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours or low 4-5 hours.
  2. Minutes before serving, uncover the slow cooker. In a small bowl whisk corn starch and water until dissolved. Add to slow cooker and stir. Cover and allow to cook another 20-25 minutes.
  3. Just before serving, place broccoli in a large tupperware, fill with ½ inch of water, and place the lid on in an off-set manner so that the container can vent. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. 
  4. Drain, stir broccoli into slow cooker, and serve. Top with sesame seeds. Enjoy! 
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  1. Yes!! Slow cooker recipes are the best! I bet I could make this with Elk meat!!

  2. This looks so delicious! I might need to try making it this weekend :)

  3. This is very similar to a recipe I always request for my birthday! (And also one of 3 things I order from Chinese take out places.) This looks delicious.

  4. Beef and broccoli is the best! This sounds wonderful!

  5. Beef and Broccoli in a crockpot is a win, win in my books. We love this recipe

  6. Yum! I love beef and broccoli. Love that you use coconut aminos!

  7. Mmm can't wait to try this!! i love broccoli and beef :)

  8. I love Chinese food, and the Beef and Broccoli in your photo looks so darn yummy! I love that your recipe is so easy to prepare. Thank you for sharing this wholesome goodness. :-)

  9. This looks like such a great recipe, I love Chinese food and especially homemade beef & broccoli dishes! Yum!

  10. Wow this looks so yummy! I love anything in the crock pot :)

    xoxo, Jenny

  11. I just pinned this - my husband is a beef guy (and the cook) and he loves beef with broccoli! This looks so good!

  12. I love beef and broccoli! It's seriously all I order any more from the chinese restaurant. I definitely want to try to make this!

  13. Haha, I am a "bad blogger" too haha I am totally making this!

  14. Looks amazing and I know the hubby would totally love it.


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