All in, baby.

February 8, 2016

2016 is a fresh start. 2016 is a new year.

This year it's about prioritizing the important things and learning to say no to things that aren't a priority. Life is crazy busy. Schedules are busy. There are things going on at all times. It's very easy to feel overwhelmed.

Please don't read this the wrong way. This isn't a brag to "look at how much fun stuff I get to do." It's about learning how to make things a priority and learning to get rid of the excess. I've been throwing this post around in my head for weeks. I've deleted it in it's entirety thinking, "Kristen, stop complaining, you'd rather be busy than bored." But maybe that's the wrong mentality.

Jen Hatmaker wrote one of my favorite books, For the Love, and she talks about this very ideal. Starting the new year, my girlfriend B sent me Jen's quote (see below), it was like she was speaking right to my heart.

If its not a hell yes, then its a no.

I don't think it's about complaining that I'm busy or bored or still, it's about filling my life with the things that are worth it. One of my goals to work towards in 2016  is to be intentional. Intentional with my relationships, my work, this blog, my free time, my busy time and all the other things in my life.

Relationships that I'm giving too, I want to feel that effort reciprocated. Is that selfish? I want the people in my life to feel important. But I'm willing to let the reins go a little on the relationships that don't find me important. We don't have to be best friends with everyone we know. This isn't an angry goal, it's about being an adult and choosing what I do with my time and with my love for that matter.

I want to be intentional about my work and do my best, same goes for this blog. I want to be all in.

Time moves fast and 2016 is already flying.

This post is about constantly learning prioritizing my family, my best friends and things that make me say hell yes and to every else, learning to say no. It's about being intentional.

After one of the redrafts of the post, I was scrolling through twitter when one of my blogging gal-pals, Kait re-tweeted my other blog gal-pal Chelsea and her post about this same Jen Hatmaker quote! (did I lose you there with all the galpals and retweets? I hope not!)

It's like we all have the same thought and goal about 2016. What's important. Chelsea's post is awesome and it's cool to see the different perspective surrounding the same words. Take the time and go check her post out - it's so worth it.

All in, baby. What are you prioritizing in 2016?
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  1. Yes yes and yes!!!! Intentional is my word of 2016 and I am about the write down that quote and stick it on my fridge as a daily reminder!

  2. I work on this every year and I think I've finally gotten into a good place where I can prioritize and not feel guilty about it anymore. Family and friends definitely come first, then only taking work and travel projects that I love and will benefit me and my family.

  3. Intentional is such a great word an goal! Wonderful post


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