The Bachelor: Season 20: She's gone.

February 9, 2016

So, the Broncos won the Superbowl! One of the greatest things ever, has happened. Living in Denver when the Broncos win was seriously better than my birthday. Adam and I celebrated Sunday with some adult beverages and today, I am running on low fuel.

My usual witty banter (or what I presume to be witty) is gone. To be honest, if it weren't for this post and having to watch the bachelor, I probably would have been in bed 4 hours ago. The Broncos winning has tired me out. Have no fear, I will be back next week with another topic, another theme and hopefully some more humor than tonight brings. 

But, as promised by Chris Harrison, this was going to be the most dramatic bachelor in history.

Newsflash, it wasn't. Stop now if you haven't watched this episode yet. Ben pulls Olivia aside, she fake cries and is still here. The girls are mad. 

Tonight is going to be a huge mixup of some random quotes from the girls, Adam's quotes and all of my thoughts regarding this week of the Bachelor. 
  • I'm just different. Like I like reading books in my room and like, ya know, thinking and thats what I do and I want to talk smart things. -Olivia
  • Everybody else can suck it. -Olivia
  • During the rose ceremony --- very exotic music. 
  • Oh, and you need to go home too - referring to the twin.
  • No more crop tops, Caila. 
  • That whole conversation between Caila and Ben was so awkward. 
  • That means the crazy one is on the 2-on-1 date! 
  • Group date time - these girls bodies are banging! 
  • Ben, that's not fair to expect JoJo to just understand it. 
  • Leah, suck your shit up. You cannot just pout and cry in the corner and be awkward and expect Ben to like you. Girl. 
  • Please stop cryyyyingggg. 
  • Amber and I are making #groupdategroupie the next big hashtag. Start using it peeps, it's such a good one. 
  • Ben, I think pig island was a horrible idea buddy. 
  • I don't like drama.  -- Leah, have you learned nothing. Talk shit about the girls, you go home. 
  • Leah leaving -- wow, that's pretty humiliating. 
  • Hey twin, put your hair in a ponytail. 
  • Deep intellectual things are my jam. -Olivia
  • Kristen, this one is pretty hard to watch. 
  • I cannot reciprocate those feelings and tell you today I cannot give you this rose. -Ben. 
  • YES!
The girls who are goners: Jen, Leah, Olivia and Lauren H. Better luck in Paradise gals. 

Ps. Did anyone watch the preview for next week?! Who do you think Ben calls?? 

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  1. Okay, what was up with the crazy pig island? Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea?! Although, it made for quite a few entertaining moments of television. Leah dug her own grave - I was laughing that her master plan backfired on her. Found you through Helene's group - love your blog!

  2. Ha! I haven't watched that show in years but reading those quotes has me wanting to see all that drama for myself. Those girls are straight up MAD.

  3. I was cracking up that Leah's little plan backfired and thank GOD Olivia's gone!! Love listen to what you have to say...wish i would have found you sooner. PS...I think he calls least that's still who I;m rooting for.

  4. I almost felt bad for OIivia when Ben was talking to her while holding a rose because it seemed like he might give it to her. I but also consider it revenge for her behavior

  5. Haha love your commentary! The pigs were definitely interested and Yikes, Leah secured her ticket off the island real quick and finally Olivia is out of there - didn't think it would last this long!

  6. Haha...I also cannot stand girls who cry just to achieve what they want...that's just plain irritating...:)

  7. This season is just going so fast. I need to watch this with you!

  8. Haha! That was one of the weirdest and most awkward episodes ever!

  9. Our local morning radio show takes shots the morning after the bachelor every time someone cries. This week they took 12 shots...

  10. I was so happy and surprised that he actually said goodbye to Olivia! And seriously, who says intellectual thoughts are my jam? I can't believe that she actually thought that she sounded older than the twin! And I totally called that he was going to send Leah home! There's only one reason that the producers let her go in there!


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen