The Bachelor: Season 20: We're almost to hometowns.

February 16, 2016

People. We are here. There are 6 girls left. We all know their names, their locations, their connections with Ben. We're finally in what I like to call the sweet spot of the Bachelor. The girls are developing "feelings," Ben is making "tough" decisions and we're almost to home-town dates.

I love this part. There's a lot going on. There are so many tears. The phrase, "I'm so scared" is said on the reg and the girls are pyscho-analyzing each other to death. I told ya, it's the sweet spot.

Let's talk about this weeks episode. It was a doozy. Here are my thoughts about the episode. Beware for episode spoiler alerts.
  • That red truck is not Ben's real car. Does he think we actually think that's his car? Come on.
  • I think Ben solidified himself as the best bachelor in history with his date to the youth center.
  • So we know the twin is going on, but who else? 
  • Lauren B is the cutest  -- tonight solidified my feelings that she wins.
  • What if he just hit a line drive right at her, broken cheek bones, biggest moment in bachelor history (referring to JoJo pitching to Ben).
  • So, I was all about Becca in the beginning and now she absolutely bores me. She literally has no inflection in her voice. Next.
  • Jojo, we're in episode 7, you've "known" Ben for seven long weeks, time to suck it up. You're a babe, he adores you, just embrace it.
  • PS. Next week I'm gonna tally how many times the word scared is said. I guarantee it's over 300. 
  • This boat ride is ridiculous. Seriously, a two person boat on a three-on-three? 
  • Do you think Becca had some feelings when walking into the barn that slightly resembled the barn Chris Soules dumped her in?
  • Wow, Amanda! Shocking. 
  • Becca is gonna lose her shit. 
  • Some of these woman are delusional, like vegas chick and becca, they are not going to win. 
  • This is not real. Ben. We get it, you're a spokesperson for McDonalds, but enough is enough. Side-note, if I was there, I totally would have ordered a breakfast burrito.
  • You've got to be shitting me (referring to McDonalds)
  • Does Amanda really have to carry the rose wherever she goes? 
  • Ben, just cut ties man. This is a total fu****** train wreck. (referring to the twin convo)
  • The twin literally made Ben's mom cry. 
  • Well you beat all odds, I thought you'd be gone before the first rose. 
  • The twin, though not right for Ben, was very sweet and kind.
  • How can you not blindside someone? You legit tell them their fate by giving them a rose, or in Becs case, not a rose. 

The girls are who gone: The last twin & Becca. 

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  1. I can't believe how fast this season went! I will always love Becca and was sad to see her go. The date with Lauren B might have been my favorite ever - those two are so cute together!

  2. Great re-cap... it was like you were in my head! Oh I love me some Bachelor!

  3. I'm so excited for hometowns next week! Especially after seeing the previews. haha Last night's decisions were not at all a surprise to me. I'm excited about the 4 remaining girls!

  4. AHHH. I wish I've been watching more closely this season. I usually watch religiously. Fun post.

  5. I love finally making it to the sweet spot and getting to the point in the season where we know more about each girl and i can follow along a little better. I am loving Lauren Be and am a little sad Becca went home, but I definitely don't think he had the same connection with her as other girls. I really can't believe how fast this season has gone!

  6. Hahahahaha I'm cracking up! I had the same thought about his truck. I think Lauren B will end up with him for sure!

  7. K K K So I watched the first two episodes of this season, then I totally lost track and stopped. BUT my hubby is out of town this week so I tuned in again. Ooooh I'm so excited for the rest of the episode. I feel like I missed SO much though!!! The twin...bless her heart but she sounded so immature talking to Ben's parents!

  8. Agreed... Becca is just a bit boring. Sweet, I'm sure perfectly normal... just not that interesting. And the twin??? Oh my gosh, Caila saying she was like a puppy dog just nailed it!!!

  9. I was rooting for Becca! But she did start changing the last couple episodes.

  10. Hahahahah I died at Emily making Ben's mom cry. Byyyyye girl!

  11. i did feel bad for Becca that he didn't just send her home on the spot when she confronted him. i kind of hate that such a great guy like Ben is choosing a show like the bachelor to find love. i doubt great women weren't trying to date him before

  12. Yeah I really like Becca (she seems sweet) but oh man she is so dull and it was obvious they didn't have much chemistry! And yeah I feel like he definitely is clicking best with Amanda right now but I feel like there might still be a surprise or two left!


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