Recap of #SoberJanuary and 30 days of paleo

February 1, 2016

Happy February everyone! I for one am so glad January is over. Does anyone else feel like January is far too long? 5 weeks in one month, especially with no booze is just too long.

In January, I had the genius idea to do #soberjanuary and eat only paleo for the entire month. 31 days. 5 weekends. Guys, my first thought about this whole ordeal is it sucks. My second thought is I'm glad   I semi-did it! I almost fulfilled one of my 2016 resolutions!

Week one. The first week/weekend I was pretty pumped. I had majorly overindulged over the holidays and my body and my jeans were screaming for a detox. After week 1, I was feeling great. Yes, I missed my glasses of wine on the weekends, but I was clear headed and feeling good.

Week two wasn't as fun. My body had thanked me for the detox and was ready for a glass of wine and a huge pizza.

The alcohol wasn't really an issue. I could do a long time without booze - but I think it was the wine/food combo that just killed me. Give me a frozen pizza any day and I'll never drink again.

Week three I was over it. Period.

Week four came and I went and I kept drinking lemon water. Hot lemon water, cold lemon water, sparkling water with lemon. You name it -  I probably put a lemon in it.

Week five. Week five people. The work week was long and so on January 29, I ate pizza and drank beer with my husband and it was glorious.

So blog readers, I failed. I did not complete 31 full days. All you Whole-30 people, props -  I don't know how you did it.

I've learned that paleo is awesome. It makes me feel better, helped me lose some lbs and even made my skin clearer. But, what is life if you can't enjoy some good ole fashioned pizza.

I'm so pumped for February. In preparation let's make some goals:

  1. Move in to our house!! (Enter all the excited emojis!)
  2. 5 new Everyday Grace sponsors - you know you wanna! 
  3. 2000 Instagram followers.
  4. Co-throw an awesome baby shower for my girl! 
  5. Start doing some freelance writing. 
  6. Figure out how to do more advanced HTML.
  7. Take my first soul cycle class. 
  8. Finish 5 books. 
  9. Attend 18 pure barre classes.

What are your goals for February? How are your 2016 resolutions going?

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  1. So excited to read and see more of your new house!!!! Yeah!!! And if it helps.. I didn't make it through sober January either... on the 23rd after hosting a party full of 4 year old children... I had a huge glass of wine.. and it was A-MA-ZING. Sometimes... life just calls for it. :-)

  2. Those are some ambitious goals! 2000 IG followers... Do you have a strategy in mind?! (I'm already following you, so I can't help much there!) -- Lisa | Two Martinis


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