The Bachelor: Season 20: My case for each girl.

February 2, 2016

This week I'm switching up my Bachelor posts. Tonight, I'm stating my case for each girl. Which girl will win, I don't know -  remember I don't read spoilers. But here is my case for the remaining girls. Just wait for the final three, maybe I'll be right?

I did not get to watch the most dramatic scene in Bachelor history with Olivia and the cliff hanger due to the Iowa Caucus, which I will not discuss. So, the last part I saw was when Ben pulled Olivia aside. My one question, is that it? What else did you see?

Anyways, here we go people. Happy Tuesday - it's time for the Bachelor blog.

Per usual, Adam's quotes are in the italics. I'm not sure if I was clear about this, but he has no clue that I add his commentary, which I think makes him even more hilarious. So, if you know him, please don't text him :)

Here's why and how I think each girl will or could win.
  • JoJo: She looks hot with no makeup. She's so kind. Reasons she's not for Ben: I have none, I think she's the runner up. 
  • Lauren B: Girl can cook and she is so dang cute and sweet. She pulls off a crop-top like Ive never seen. Reasons she's not for Ben: I have no reasons, I think she's the winner.
  • Lauren H: She wears a retainer to bed. It means she cares about her teeth. Reasons she's not for Ben: She's just not. I can't tell you why, but I just don't see it. She's boring. I'm bored. Why is she blinking so much. She's a kind gal, she's better than a lot of these crazies. 
  • Olivia: She's confident. She's aggressive. Reasons she's not for Ben: She's mean. She's psychotic. Her white washed jeans on the group date. Olivia, the team mom comment -- you are so rude.
I just want to see Olivia lose her shit. 
  • Becca: Her top knot. The one who keeps going on this show, I think she might win. Reasons she's not for Ben: Because this is her second time. 
  • Jubilee: Her attitude. She can cook. Reasons she's not for Ben: Her attitude. She is very insecure. 
Is Jubes going home yet? She gone. 

Right, all the girls are just devastated. As Ben is telling the girls, Jubilee left.
  • Amanda: She got the first one-on-one. Huge. He adores her, just watch the way he touches her and is always kissing her. She is stunning. She is honest and she is sincere. Reasons she's not for Ben: She's got a lot going on.
  • Caila: She speaks Spanish.  Ben always refers to her as passionate. Reasons she's not for Ben: She bores me. 
  • The twin: She's not the other twin. She had a great dress at the rose ceremony. Reasons she's not for Ben: She's a twin. She's 23. She's super immature. 
  • Leah: She's from Denver.  Reasons she's not for Ben: Who is she? She gone. 
  • Jennifer: For not being on camera very often, when she is, she's sweet and honest. Reasons she's not for Ben: She's not on camera very much. Who is that? 
Are peeps having a meltdown? Referring to Jubilee leaving.

Spoiler Alert: The girl who got the boot --- Jubilee. Stay tuned for next week!

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  1. I want to like Amanda so much but I literally fast forward through her because I've never heard anyone say "like" SO. MANY. TIMES.

  2. I love this!! I agree with your top 2 choices! Amanda... I like.. but she bores me a bit. She wasn't very expressive.. she's just so soft spoken and stoic I'm not sure about her... she's very sweet though. I love Lauren H because I think she's a goof.. but I don't see chemistry with her and Ben at all. Maybe she'll end up on Paradise!

  3. I LOVE this post! I agree with you for the most part. I just think Caila is so darn adorable, I think she will make the top 3.

  4. I love this! My office is doing a "Bachelor Bracket" betting challenge, and this would have been super helpful when I was making my guesses. ;)

    - Brianne

  5. I think Lauren B wins, JoJo is the runner up, and Becca is chosen as the next Bachelorette. The audience is SO invested in Becca and everyone is cheering for her, even though I don't think she's a good fit for Ben, I do love her and think she's great. (Although she could lay off the forehead Botox). I do think Olivia stinks, but who knows if the producers are editing her to look that way. The Teen Mom comment was in poor taste, but I haven't seen her do anything concretely mean to anyone. Remember Courtney from Ben-the-Winemaker's season? SHE was outright mean. I don't think Olivia is as bad as the audience thinks she is. I mean, could you IMAGINE if the entire country thinks you have halitosis? How mortifying. The producers just need a villain and she was probably the one who gave the best material.

  6. Your recap is great! I can't believe Ben has not seen Olivia's other side with all of her aggressiveness. I'm ready for her to go home! I think you're right about your top two choices but I think Lauren B is kind of boring. I really hope Becca is the next Bachelorette!

  7. Love the recap! I'm rooting for Jo Jo or Becca ...sorry! Just cause Becca has been on before doesn't matter!! LOL!! And Yes Olivia needs to go...Crazy!!

  8. Dustin and I ADORE Amanda (Dustin is almost more into this show then me, haha) but I don't think she'll win either. I hope they make her the next bachelorette! I hate Olivia. I like Lauren B, but she seems a little flat to me? I like Jojo!

    xo, Chelsie @ Hey there, Chelsie

  9. I hated that it was a cliffhanger! Olivia is the WORST! Jojo and Amanda are my faves!

  10. I definitely don't think Olivia win, I actually like her on the show just because she is entertaining but I swear he's keeping her on per the producer's requests. I think Lauren in cute and sweet but I have yet to see anything interesting about her. Hopefully the girls will become more interesting as they dwindle down and we get to know them better.

  11. You nailed it with these! And I noticed the excessive blinking, too!


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