The 2016 Academy Awards.

February 29, 2016

The 88th Academy Awards are here. The red carpet has been walked, the celebs have posed and they've taken their seats. The long awaited Chris Rock speech is upon us. Last night, along with my family, best friend Coti and my dear friend, white wine, I live blogged the Oscars.

Let's do this. Let's talk the Oscars, all things celebs, speeches and everything in between. Plus, my pick for best dressed and worst dressed. Heads up -- we've got some spoiler alerts in here.

  • It took Chris Rock all of 10 seconds to talk about the #whiteoscars scandal.
  • Jennifer Lawrence - you are killing it girl.
  • Chris Rock shouting out to kappa
  • So, I heard via GMA that this year the Oscars will be awarded in the order a movie is made. Basically it means all the boring stuff will be presented before the fun stuff. 
  • And they changed the Oscar. Beside this little swirl, I don't really notice much difference. 
  • Gotta love all the screenplays. 
  • Stacy dash? Really. Girl. Your fame lived and died with clueless. Next. 
  • Sam Smith. What diet are you on? Cuz I need it. 
  • I love this new thing where they scroll the thanks at the bottom of the screen 
  • I'm so glad Adam made me watch mad max because I totally appreciate the costume design.
  • Here we go, The Revenant is winning other things and were just building up to Leo winning all the things. 
  • Dad: why are all those people in boxes? I've never seen that before 
  • Priyanka Chopra is gorg- which reminds me, I cannot wait for quantico to come back. 
  • Tommy: Star Wars would be the only thing to beat mad max 
  • Mad max wins. How does Star Wars lose to mad max. Come on. 
  • Matt: I have literally never heard of this movie (referring to mad max) 
  • c3po!! I love him 
  • Can you believe that Toy Story was TWENTY YEARS AGO. 
  • Can we talk about Reese Witherspoon? I LOVE her, okay? Like, I think she is so awesome. But why does her dress look like her bra is showing? Her black bra through her navy dress? I do not get it. 
  • Kate Winslet, you are amazing and your huge glasses are amazing - I love them. 
  • I love when Chris Rock goes out into the public to talk to the people.
  • Guys, I got bored mid-Oscars and stopped, but I'm back -  I heard the MLK quote and it got me re-energized. 
  • Blackbird is such a great song - add it to an in memoriam and I'm in tears. 
  • Jacob Tremblay is the cutest kid ever. He needs to win allllll the Oscars. 
  • SAMMY!! Killing it. 
  • We are so close to Leo winning. 
  • Eddie Redmayne, if you didn't win best actor last year, I'd be rooting for you. You're one of my favorites. 
  • All the previews for Brooklyn make me really want to see it. Thoughts? Have you seen it? 
  • Brie Larson, you are my new favorite girl crush. 
  • LEONARDO! And just like that my Sunday is made. Thank you to the Academy for finally giving Leo what he deserves. 
  • Oh, and those baby blues. Leo, congrats. Now go give Kate Winslet a big smooch :) 
  • I wish Morgan Freeman was the narrator of my life.
  • Spotlight - wow! So surprised, but good for you! 
 Best Dressed: Charlize Theron
Runner Up: Chrissy Teigen
Worst Dressed: Amy Poehler

So, that's it, until next year! What did you think about the Oscars?

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  1. I stayed up until 5am to watch the Oscars as I live in the U.K so happy that Leo finally won an oscar after all these years! I may of screamed when they announced his name oops! I love Brie Larson and so glad she won too! Agree with your picks for best and worst dressed.

  2. I liked the scrolling at the bottom thanking all those people too. I get that winners want to have their say and do the speech... but when it's just a list of people's names, it's super boring. So I was glad that got to be out of the way. And yeah Leo!!!!! I have loved that man my whole life. :-) So happy for him!!!

  3. I wasn't too impressed with the awards this year. Chris Rock did a good job with the opening monologue but after that it got kind of boring. SO happy that Leo finally won though, and Brie too! Both well-deserved! I also wish Morgan Freeman narrated my life, haha!

  4. Cate Blanchett was wearing my favorite dress. What was Amy Poehler thinking? She's going to get bashed in all the magazines- looks like she's wearing curtains.

  5. Ok so it was a snooze fest like other years but it was better since they had the "thank yous" scroll at the bottom. I thought everyone looked great, and yes, Jennifer Lawrence killed it with that hair! Oh and yeah, Sam Smith looking better than ever!!

  6. So glad Leo won. I enjoyed the Revenant. I also liked Spotlight, but thought the Martian should've won best picture. Glad the Room won best actress. She was good.

  7. I thought Whoopi looked great last night! Amy Poehler, I liked the concept behind the dress but it just looks too big on her - like it's swallowing her up. Definitely not the right look for her. Love her hair though!

  8. I rarely watch award shows, but I actually sat through this entire one.. including the red carpet! Rachel McAdams was my best dressed pick!

  9. I was so happy about Leonardo winning! My boyfriend and I even celebrated and all! I think he deserved this, he's such a great actor. In my opinion it was a really nice show and I was so surprised about Spotlight winning best movie but I'm so happy because it was very well made and the message it transmit and the truth it unfolds is very powerful.
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  10. Love the recap :) I typically watch the highlights the next day. There were a couple great moments - I really liked Leo's in! And the girl scout cookies :D

  11. So many of these things were said in my house too lol. We can't wait for Quantico either! I guess Stacy Dash was supposed to be a joke because she had questioned the existence of BET and Black History Month. She was letting herself be the butt of a joke that most people didn't get lol.


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