My Friday Favorites!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Happy Friday friends and Happy (almost) 4th of July! I am so thankful for this weekend. Today, I'm in Sonoma, basking in the glory of my friend Callies wedding weekend! It's so fun getting to get away with my hubs and spend some time with our friends.

This is Adam's first trip to San Fran/Napa and I am so excited to show him around. Last night, we were in San Fran with my best friend Coti and her hubs. Cocktails, delicious dinner and then this morning we all ventured up to Napa to get the wedding weekend started!

Insta-stories is the place to be this weekend people. You don't want to miss out on the action.

Can you believe it's July tomorrow! Holy moly, we are officially more than half-way through the year. 2017 is flyying. So, remember how I told ya'll my washer was broken? Update, it's still broken. They're coming back again next week. Kill me. What the heck am I supposed to do?

I'll tell ya, I'm getting away and calling my gf Ryann to go to her house. Ryann, you are a life saver.

Let's back in the good stuff, shall we? Friday favorites are calling my name. Sometimes when I write this post its to boost my mood, sometimes its so there's something on the blog. But today, it's because there is SO much good stuff in the world and I just have to share.

ONE If you want to catch up on the point of this weekend in Napa, check out my recap & travel guide here! Callie is one of my dearest friends and college roommate. This weekend is dedicated to her.

TWO Lets be Instagram besties. Like I said, big things coming at ya this weekend. You do not wanna miss out. Plus, Adam is running the tough-mudder in three weeks and it's an obstacle course with all kinds of crazy crap, in the mountains. Guys, I'm telling ya, insta-stories.

THREE I turned 30 almost a month ago and I'm obsessed with this new age and new year. Wanna know why I was terrified? Read about it here. But, today I am 30, flirty (not really) and thriving (trying!). Here's to make 30 even better than 29.

FOUR I shared my Austin Travel Guide on the blog this week. Austin is the best. My friends are the best and I highly suggest you book a trip there ASAP. If anyone wants to plan a trip together, let me know.

FIVE Wanna travel more? Hit up my post on Grand Cayman. I also suggest booking a trip there. Talk about dream land. I'll be working on another Napa travel guide soon. Cant wait to show ya.

SIX My best friend started a t-shirt company Posie + Co. She's doing a giveaway on her Instagram - go go go! PS. I'm determined to win the giveaway, but I like a challenge, go enter!

SEVEN I'm currently obsessed with Maren Morris and James Arthur. I can't stop. I go between their two albums on Spotify. To make your life easier, I combined them and put it in a playlist. See below. You are welcome!


A playlist featuring Maren Morris

EIGHT Nordstrom is about to have it's anniversary sale and in preparation, I shared all my favorite Nordstrom summer picks. Make sure you come back the week of July 13 for all my amazing anniversary picks. I talked to my stylist at Nordys yesterday and we have some AMAZING stuff coming for ya!

NINE My girlfriend Ally runs the cutest online shop Fleurish Letters + Design. I interviewed in her a full post here. Do not miss it. Plus, if you need a gift for ANYTHING, she is your girl. Trust.

TEN It's 4th of July weekend, its the weekend and it's a holiday. PLUS my sister in laws birthday is on the fourth. I love this week. Enjoy people. Glad to live this great country. See ya on the other side!

Happy weekend! 

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The Bachelorette: All four hours.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Happy Thursday! Today is technically my Friday and thank heavens! I am off to the land of rolling hills and vineyards and I couldn't be more excited. 

This week we were graced with two nights of Bachelorette, something that thrilled Adam. For his sake and mine, I watched night one with my girlfriend Ryann and then the second night with Adam. He's lucky I've got her or he would have been in for F O U R solid hours. 

Let's get to it. 

We pick back up with Kenny bringing Lee outside to again, talk about how they both talk shit about each other to Rachel and that they hate it. Oh Kenny and Lee. This whole thing is crazy cakes. I think they're both gonna go home. If they've learned nothing about this show, this much drama never turns out to be good for either party. Unless you're Vienna and Jake and we all know how that turned out. A huge blowup breakup on national TV where Vienna accused Jake of pretty much beating her up. Soooo. 

Alright tangent, and we're back. I think Bryan is actually really into Rachel. At first, she acts like shes not buying what he's selling, but before we know it, they're making out and he got the first rose of the night. Bryan reminds me of every contestant that focuses really hard on the lead, and the lead soon realizes that the contestant likes the lead way more than the lead likes him. 

Here's hoping this isn't the case with Bryan because he's a doll. 

ONE-ON-ONE: Jack Stone makes me laugh. He seems like a guido that lives in Dallas. The body language is no good here. This is the worst date ever. 

This date is so awkward. Rachel is saying something is missing and I think it is so obvious to everyone watching that something is seriously missing.  She is not at all interested.

"I would lock the door and we would lay in bed and hang out." Grossssssss. He's going home. 

Spoiler Alert: Jack Stone (shocker), Iggy (the shit stirrer) and ____ (the tickler). I think Rachel made some pretty good decisions there.

Let's go to Oslo.  I'm not at all shocked Bryan got the first European one-on-one. I mean, from the first five minutes of this episode, you can tell that Bryan is going to be a front runner. Now we just watch all the other guys freak out.

You can tell Rachel is terrified repelling off this mountain. Shoot, I don't blame her. But hey, It's ABC, nothing is gonna happy. I think they are adorable. He is so into her and it's undeniable she is interested. Attention-- Bryan is in LOVE. swoon. First "Falling in love" mark it down!

GROUP DATE: Let's do this. Aka let's get through the date so we can go to the two on one with Kenny and Lee. Handball in spandex.  Do you think ABC required the boys to wear this outfit?

Dinner date portion - Rachel loves to make out. I love the Russian and his top knot. Josiah is laying it on thickkkkkkk. I don't think Rachel is buying the sh** he selling. Will got the rose? Shocking.

Kenny keeps calling Lee reptil-Lee-an” and a “Lee-zard, and it just furthers solidifies my thoughts that they both need to go home. Good lord.

TWO-ON-ONE: I wish Rachel would go with her gut and trust Kenny because she's gonna watch this show back and realize that Lee really is the villain. Can you tell how incredibly cold it is?! They're both gasping to catch their breath! Can we talk about Kenny coming back laughing at Lee? I feel like they're both losing it a little bit.

Rachel: "Lee, I don't trust you. I have to send you home." Hallelujah. BYE LEE.

Lee: "That's okay sweetheart." Gross.

Adam: "Skummy lee is totally gonna be on bachelor in paradise right babe?" 

It's so sweet to hear Kenny talk to his little girl. It's very very sweet. She is darling.

Mid-episode rose ceremony. Let's go. How do we get Chris Harrison to listen to my requests that rose ceremonies need to end the episodes. We're just looking for closure here Chris!

"If she doesn't pick me there's something wrong with her brain." -Josiah

Spoiler Alert: Josiah boy bye.  Anthony. 

TO DENMARK: Back to my thought a few posts again; Do we think Rachel gets to pick where she goes? It looks beautiful here but so cold. I would be like, hey ABC take me to the islands. I want to wear bathing suits, cover ups and drink cocktails on a yacht.

ONE-ON-ONE: I'm not sure why, but Eric seems like a little boy. Like the annoying next door neighbor that's always wanting to ride bikes around the neighbor and play cops and robbers (which was my favorite childhood game BTW).

Eric is clearly obsessed with Rachel. Whether or not they have a connection is beyond me, but I think he's obsessed with the idea of Rachel. He's very excited/hyper/giddy/silly. I imagine it's because he's a bit nervous but it seems like an act. Oh you just happen to have your suit with you? 

I know Rachel says she likes his energy, but yikes. He gets rose.

GROUP DATE: Viking challenge. Funny that Kenny wins but then later in the night, she sends him home. SPOILER! Dean might not be super physical with these boys but an hes cute and she thinks so too. PS. Adam called Peter getting the group date rose. He's way better at this than me.

ONE-ON-ONE: I agree with Rach (we're besties now). Will is sweet, but it's alarming that when he describes himself, he says hes affectionate and passionate, but they just looked like friends on this date. SPOILER - bye Will.

Spoiler: Alex. I was actually sad about this and apparently Rachie was too. He was so cute and manly, but apparently not enough. But she kept Matt, who I'm sure is still just a stand in while she figures out if shes marrying Bryan, Peter or Dean.

We are S I X guys away from a finale! Can you believe how fast this season went? I barely know the guys names yet!

See ya'll in Paradise, sooner than we thought!

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The Ultimate Austin Travel Guide

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This travel guide has been a long time coming, but it's finally here! Please excuse my delay, we did so many activities and putting them to paper took me forever. But, I promise, this post is worth the wait.

I've been to Austin before, but it was ages ago and I didn't really know what to expect. I've been to Texas maybe 3 times in my life, so I went in eyes wide open. This bachelorette party was for my girlfriend, Kate. We met in college when we were both working for Pepperdine's magazine. She's one of the best people I know and I felt honored to be invited to spend the weekend celebrating her.

One of my favorite moments with Kate was one road-trip back to Arizona from CA. First, we stuff our faces with sushi in Laguna and then headed back to AZ to surprise my family. We stopped at every tourist trap on 1-10 between LA and Phoenix. We took way too many stupid pictures, ate beef jerky that was the most random meats (like ostrich? gross), and a trip that should take about 6 hours, took 10. It was so much fun.

Oh hi, stunner. 

Our weekend in Austin was so full of laughs, delicious cocktails, old school beer pong and great meals. Plus, thousands of photos and a group text that is still active today. Shout-out to Kate's sis, Jessica for planning such an incredible weekend. It was one I will not forget.

Oh hey. Jess, when are you planning the next girls weekend?!

I cannot wait to see Kate marry her love this summer. It's going to be one for the record books. PS. That one is back in Sonoma too - so much wine country, I can't wait to show you!

But, before we watch her get married, we got the chance to celebrate her last big weekend as a single lady. Austin, you were weird and I loved you. Let's get to it.

If you've never been to Texas, be prepared for the humidity. It was way hotter than I thought it would be. But, the best part, you are not too far away from some pretty amazing bodies of water.

For our weekend, we needed boat clothes, going out clothes, wine tasting outfits and big hats for all the sunshine.Imagine your cutest sundresses and your comfiest sandals, that is what you need for a weekend in Austin. Throw in a cute dress to go out to dinner and drinks and you are all set. Swimsuit, cover-up and your iPhone. Pictures are a must.

Might I also suggest a great group a girls, the best bachelorette (like Kate) and a camera with a timer (or a Polaroid!). (See below!)

The best group of girls. I loved getting to catch up with some of my Pepperdine girls 
and meeting all of Kates amazing friends.
Look at this house. Such a dream.

WHAT TO DO: First, there is so much to do in Austin, I wish I could have stayed there for two weeks. We were there for three nights and 3 1/2 days and boy did we cram a ton in. 
  • Rent a house, not a hotel: Kate and Jess, our amazing hostesses found the BEST house in Austin. It slept all 12 of us, had the biggest backyard ever and was the perfect location for 12 girls to get to know each other, have dinners and most importantly, have fun. It was the cutest house I've ever stayed in. I'll be back ya little dream bungalow. 
  • Day on Lake Austin or Lake Travis: We spent the day at Lake Austin and it was incredible. We tethered up in the party cove, listened to jams, drank cold beer, took thousands of pictures and floated. There are tons of people tethered in this part of the lake, so heads up, be careful but have the best time ever. Oh, and at the end of the lake on the hill is Matthew McConaughey's house, wave hello!
  • Wine Tasting: Did you know there's wine tasting in Austin? I had NO idea. We jumped on a big bus and found ourselves in the mountains of wine county. We went to three different vineyards throughout the day. There are tons to hit up, My recommendation is Hawk's Shadow Winery. It's the best. Or you can go to Duchman Family Wines - it has the prettiest vineyard and the best spots to sit and relax. You seriously feel like your in the hills of Tuscany when you walk in their building, it's stunning.
  • Go to Rainey Street: Rainey Street is the cutest block of old homes turned into bars. All the bars have the great decks in the front and back, packed full of people and great music. We grabbed cocktails and sat on the back deck and just chilled. It was the best. 
  • South Congress: Great shopping and the famous "I love you so much" wall!
  • Great food: See below! 
  • Have face masks made of the groom: See below! 
Oh hi Julian! Face masks are always a good idea.
 The cutest lil' vineyard and the cutest group of girls 
Party cove and the best group of ladies.

Too much good stuff here

  • VRBO or AirBnB:  This is my ultimate recommendation for a group of girls. It was awesome because we really had the opportunity to get to know each other. We were able to sleep 12 girls, eat dinner together, play games, have a fire-pit, play yard games and enjoy each other. It was nice to not have to split up and divide into separate rooms. Since I didn't stay at a hotel, I don't have much to recommend but, here are some other cute hotels! 
  • The Driskill: The Driskill (now a Hilton!) was opened in 1886 and has been deemed a historic site since 1969. Not only is it historic, but it has a reputation for being “haunted”. At check-in they even gave us a list of their “ghost stories” upon request.
  • Four Seasons (always a reliable choice!): The hotel is perched on the banks of Lady Bird Lake which is outlined by a famous trail regarded as one of the best places in in the city (some might say the entire country) to exercise and enjoy the outdoors—something that the state capital’s residents frequently do. 
  • Hotel Saint Cecilia: Named after the patron saint of music, the Saint Cecilia — which features turntables in every room and has an extensive library of vinyl records — is already a favorite of big-name musicians who swing into town to play on the city’s countless stages. Rock-star style and Southern hospitality make a rare and beguiling combination. Everything about this hotel is thought out and well considered, from the plate of locally made sweets that greet you in your room to the handwritten note nearby.
  • The W: Cocktails such as the cucumber and jalapeno lemonade, made with local Deep Eddy Vodka, or the green bee, which uses honey sourced from the hotel’s rooftop hives.
If that's not the happiest wine guy ever .
This little bun bride
The prettiest view at Hawks Shadow 

WHERE TO EAT: Our first night at the house, we ate in because girls were sort of trickling in throughout the night. We ordered tons and pizza and just hung around getting to know each other. I totally suggest this, especially in a group where not everyone knows each other. It's the perfect bonding time. Plus, who doesn't like pizza. Our last night, Jess got mexican food catered in. I wish I would have gotten a picture. We had enough food to feed 75 people and if I'm being honest, we made a pretty damn good dent. 
  • FixeOur refined interpretation of family dinner may sound familiar with biscuits and fried chicken on the menu, but each dish has been infused with surprising flavors that are prepared in Chef’s modern style. Take my word on this one people, get the biscuits and the jalapeno Moscow mule. You will not be disappointed. 
  • Hula HutThis is traditional Tex-Mex with a Polynesian twist that all culminates into the Finest "Mexonisian" cuisines. This place is so darling and sits right on Lake Austin. 
  • Abels on the LakeAbel’s on the Lake is the prime spot to come enjoy a drink with your friends while relaxing on our huge double deck. This restaurant location has the best sunset views in Austin! 
    With spectacular views of Lake Austin, our fare includes great food, mixed drinks and a selection of over sixty beers on tap, including 17 local brews. Nothing is better than a beautiful day on the water!
Now, let's get to the pictures. We have a shared album with over 200 pictures, but some things are meant to stay at a bach. Here are the best ones. 

Julian tats and the prettiest bride
Because why not slap the bag? 
Floating with some of my new favorite people
Reunited with my pepperdine girls 
Dream day. 
When you become great friends with your best friends best friend. 

Austin final thoughts: Go to Austin. Tell your friends, bring your friends and enjoy it. It's such a fun city, and it helps if you have the best group of girls to go with. 

If you've been to Austin, tell me all about it! Where should I go the next time I'm there? Send me everything! 

Hey Kate, only 45 days until you are a MRS! 

Until next time. PS - don't forget to follow along on Insta-stories. This weekend, Napa. It's one you don't wanna miss. Happy Wednesday friends! 

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My Favorite Summer Looks by Nordstrom

Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Monday friends! How the heck are ya? We had such a relaxing weekend. We ran errands, ate great dinners and I took a pure barre intensive class yesterday and it kicked my butt. Overall, a great weekend! It's Monday, we're officially a week into summer and here's hoping Lee gets kicked off the Bachelorette tonight. High hopes, people.

Wanna know something so annoying? My washer broke. And, I know nothing about washing machines. All I know is last week my laundry room was drenched in water. And when I called the place we bought it they claimed they're repair guy would call to schedule a time to fix it and I've still heard nothing. We leave Thursday for a vacay and I have loads of laundry. Luckily my gf Ryann is gonna let me do laundry at her house. #struggle

Anywayyyy, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 is quickly approaching and I am pumped. I mean, what is better than a huge sale at my favorite store? Maybe since I can't do laundry I'll just buy some new stuff to replace. jkjk but not really. Plus, with my card, I get early access. Done and done.
Did you know if you sign up for a Nordstrom debit or credit card before July 9, 2017, you get a $20 Nordstrom Note towards your first purchase? Did you also know if you don't want a card, you can sign up for Nordstrom rewards and get a $10 Note! And, with both, you get early access!
Early access means one feel week of shopping before anyone else.
It's a no-brainer.

When Adam and I first starting dating, I was always telling him everything about the Nordstrom sale. Now, he asks me. Just the other day, he asked when the sale was because he wants some new work clothes. See guys, it's a family affair!

The Nordstrom 2017 Anniversary Sale early access starts July 13 and public access starts  July 21. The sale ends August 6. The best part? Nordstrom is constantly updating their sale items throughout the sale. Meaning, you have the ability to shop for three weeks straight with all new items.

On the first day of the sale (early access), I'll have all my favorite picks for ya! And then when public access opens, I'll have all the newly added stuff. Your fall wardrobe can thank me later :)

Make sure to check back here throughout the sale for updates, pics and all the good stuff Nordstroms has to offer! Today in preparation for the sale, let's shop summer.

Nordstrom has so much good stuff right now and there's no point in waiting, am I right?

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The Bachelorette: Lee is the new villain

Thursday, June 22, 2017

After two long weeks, we are finally back. Thanks a lot NBA finals. In case you missed it, Bachelor in Paradise was cancelled (see my thoughts here), but today it's BACK! I'll see ya'll in Paradise soon!

We pick this episode back up with Eric yelling at the group and Lee laughing at Eric. I think my favorite line out of contestants mouths are "I'm not here to make friends." Those people usually self-combust before the lead even has the chance to send them home.

This guy need to gets the shit kicked out of him. (Referencing Lee)
Ps. If you haven't heard the news on Lee, he's a racist and a misogynist. Rachel even clapped back at him on twitter yesterday. 
In my bachelorette experience, when this much energy is focused on one person, the lead eventually catches up and just lets that person go. Here's hoping Rachel gets it sooner than later. This kinda bullshit is the stuff that makes this show impossible to watch.

Can I just take a minute and say how much I love Rachel. I think she is a strong, bad-ass girl who doesn't deserve the bullshit these boys are bringing. She deserves the absolute best and here's hoping one of these boys can give that to her.

Also, lets talk about Dean. He is such a great dresser and I love his no BS when it comes to Lee. I'm really hoping he sticks around. My friend Ally and I were gushing about how much we both like Dean. However I read he's texting with Christina (the girl from Nick Viall's season!)

 She also loves Peter and Eric. That dude is wayyy too aggressive. (Referencing Joshia) 

SPOILER ALERT: After ALLL that, she picked Lee and sent Diggy, Bryce and the blonde guy home. I LOVED Diggy. Sad.

To Hilton Head. Is there a Bachelor rule that the first date out of the mansion has to be stateside? I mean, JoJo went to Pennsylvania for goodness sake. And, it also must be a requirement that they all have to stand on a balcony somewhere and yell her name.

I've always wanted to go to Hilton Head. Have you guys been?

FIRST ONE-ON-ONE: Dean. Shocker. She adores him and it's very clear he adores her. I'm on team Dean here, I would not want to go on a blimp. Wait, Dean is 25? No wonder he's so smiley. Oh my tears. Deans' story about his mama, Whew.

Here's hoping shes talking about Dean. 

Hey Russell Dickerson. I am the biggest country fan and I do not know who you are. It's funny they have to dance in the middle of crowds. 

But hey, Rus, I'm gonna listen to you tomorrow to give you a fair shot.

On a boat and Josiah is starting to lose it. Not gonna lie, I got super bored on the group date. The one thing that stood out is Iggy. He is a shit stirrer.

Final thoughts: Boo on Lee. I like Kenny, but he's already in his head too much.

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Fleurish Letters + Design

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends! I promise, the bachelorette recap will be up tomorrow. My motivation is SUPER slacking when it comes to this season. I love Rachel, but it's just dragging to me. 

But, big news today, Bachelor in Paradise is back to filming. We will have a season after all. 

I am so pumped about todays post. 

One of my best friends, Ally has the most amazing shop and business. She creates the most beautiful pieces to help celebrate the best times in ones life. From weddings to babies, to everything in between. Need a gift? This girl has the PERFECT thing for you. Ally did all of the wedding paper at our wedding and she's created some amazing keepsake pieces for Adam and I that we will treasure forever. 

Today is all about her, her shop and all the pieces you can purchase and where you can buy! 

Hey everybody my name is Alexandra, I have an unhealthy obsession with cactus, iced coffee with honey and creating beautiful art. I am a military wife, I have a three year old babe named Isla and the cutest mini pug named Chloe. Being a military family we move around a lot but my heart will always belong to the desert and I hope to end up back in Arizona someday. 

I mean, is she a stunner or what.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS:  Fleurish Letters + Design  is my way of creating pieces for every beautiful and wonderful milestone in life. I have always painted. My grandmother is an astounding watercolor painter and growing up she gave all the grandkids art lessons. it was always one of my favorite things to do. 

For my own wedding in 2012, I created all of our invitations, envelopes, place cards, and chalkboards and I fell right back in love with art and lettering. 

I went on to do a few of my best friends weddings and created my first watercolor wreath for Kristen and Adam when they got married. Since then I have evolved into not just creating pieces for weddings, but for every great and wonderful milestone in life, which is my business motto. 

From hand lettered love songs, to water colored wreaths to commemorate your wedding day, to birth announcements and nursery art. 

You can find Fleurish Letters + Design HERE on Etsy, Instagram and her Facebook page

Right now I am based in Hawaii. It is absolutely gorgeous here and I love living here. My business is home-based which is great since I have 3 year old. You can find my designs online in my etsy shop  and soon I will have my own website 

I started on nursery designs after Isla was born. I saw a niche I wanted to be apart of and that is my favorite thing about this business; it can grow with me as I go through my own life's milestones and my daughters. 

Animals are a huge thing when it comes to nursery decor and I wanted to incorporate my love of flowers in some way and floral crowns are huge right now. Right now I have woodland animals but I will be expanding into safari animals and farm animals soon! 

I offer pieces for each milestone in life so if you are a client of mine you can start with when you fall in love, to when you get married, to buying your first home, and then having your sweet babe. 
  • LOVE & WEDDINGS: Weddings are the perfect example of my love for lettering on every surface. For the wedding itself I offer:envelope addressing, place cards, seating charts, programs, menus & any other lettering or signs you may need. I also design custom crests and watercolor floral wreaths with your wedding date, new names, initials or anything special to represent your special day.
  • HOME: For home I offer prints, originals and canvas of hand-lettered quotes and songs. I can do lettering on just about any surface I can get my hands on.
  • BABY: I offer custom watercolor and hand-lettered birth announcements in a variety of themes. I also create hand-lettered baby quotes and watercolor animals for nursery decor. 
  • MISCELLANEOUS: I am working on a line of greeting cards for each category, including but not limited to thank you notes, invites and more. Custom commissions are some of my favorite things to create. I always tell my clients if they can dream it, I can create it
My favorite animal is constantly changing. But I do love alpacas, hedgehogs and fennec foxes. Literally the most random assortment of animals ever. You'll see a lot of those influences in my pieces.

My process varies for each item I create.
  • LETTERING SONGS & QUOTES: A lot of my ideas for lettering come from songs that I personally love or lyrics that stick to my soul when I hear them. And a lot of times they are songs that people use as their first dance songs for their weddings. I do a lot of my hand-lettered work on my iPad Pro and my Apple Pencil which has been a total game changer for the world of calligraphy and hand lettering. 

  • WREATHS: I am usually commissioned to do these to the client requests the flowers that they want. From here I search through the depths of Pinterest for the types of flowers they want me to paint. I try and find photos at every angle I can find of the flowers, which has taught me soooo much about flowers and their names and where they are from. from there I "build the wreath". 
  • I used to pencil sketch these on paper for the rough drafts that I sent to clients, which used a lot of lead and erasing and paper. But now I can send clients digital proofs of pencil renderings that I create on Procreate on my iPad (see I told you it was a total game changer!) this makes any changes the clients wants so much easier and I'm not killing a thousand trees while doing it. Once the client approves, I start painting (my favorite part) and the last thing I do is hand write the quote or clients names and wedding date).

  • BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS: These take the most work and sketching and research. First I decide what theme I want. Then I make a list of all the items that go with said the me. So for example some of the items I listed on my woodsy announcement were mushrooms, canoes, wood, acorns, etc...Then I make little pencil sketches of each item. 
  • I have a base design I use for each announcement and I work around that. I usually use my light board for this and put the base design under a piece of scrap paper and it's sort of like putting a puzzle together. Making all the items fit together and at the same time not making it too cluttered. I love this part of it. Then once I have all the items sketched into the announcement I then go on to painting and lettering all the sweet babes info.

  • CARDS AND PRINTS: Breaking into the world of cards and prints has been a different experience for me. These things are not custom and need to go with what's trending right now. Such as llamas/alpacas. It seems so random but people go crazy for a llama/alpaca print. They are adorable first of all, super puffy and I have recently fallen in love with Peru and where the largest number of llamas and alpacas can be found in the whole world. Seriously google peru and tell me you don't want to go there! The bright colors of their textiles are amazing to paint and the fact that they dress their llamas/alpacas in them is amazing! 
  • I will soon be offering prints of original watercolors of my llamas and alpacas, along with cards for every occasion with my cute Peruvian pets on them. 

I told you she was great right? Her pieces are just as amazing as they look on screen. 

Now, go show her the love! 

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