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June 21, 2017

Happy Wednesday friends! I promise, the bachelorette recap will be up tomorrow. My motivation is SUPER slacking when it comes to this season. I love Rachel, but it's just dragging to me. 

But, big news today, Bachelor in Paradise is back to filming. We will have a season after all. 

I am so pumped about todays post. 

One of my best friends, Ally has the most amazing shop and business. She creates the most beautiful pieces to help celebrate the best times in ones life. From weddings to babies, to everything in between. Need a gift? This girl has the PERFECT thing for you. Ally did all of the wedding paper at our wedding and she's created some amazing keepsake pieces for Adam and I that we will treasure forever. 

Today is all about her, her shop and all the pieces you can purchase and where you can buy! 

Hey everybody my name is Alexandra, I have an unhealthy obsession with cactus, iced coffee with honey and creating beautiful art. I am a military wife, I have a three year old babe named Isla and the cutest mini pug named Chloe. Being a military family we move around a lot but my heart will always belong to the desert and I hope to end up back in Arizona someday. 

I mean, is she a stunner or what.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS:  Fleurish Letters + Design  is my way of creating pieces for every beautiful and wonderful milestone in life. I have always painted. My grandmother is an astounding watercolor painter and growing up she gave all the grandkids art lessons. it was always one of my favorite things to do. 

For my own wedding in 2012, I created all of our invitations, envelopes, place cards, and chalkboards and I fell right back in love with art and lettering. 

I went on to do a few of my best friends weddings and created my first watercolor wreath for Kristen and Adam when they got married. Since then I have evolved into not just creating pieces for weddings, but for every great and wonderful milestone in life, which is my business motto. 

From hand lettered love songs, to water colored wreaths to commemorate your wedding day, to birth announcements and nursery art. 

You can find Fleurish Letters + Design HERE on Etsy, Instagram and her Facebook page

Right now I am based in Hawaii. It is absolutely gorgeous here and I love living here. My business is home-based which is great since I have 3 year old. You can find my designs online in my etsy shop  and soon I will have my own website fleurishlettersdesign.com 

I started on nursery designs after Isla was born. I saw a niche I wanted to be apart of and that is my favorite thing about this business; it can grow with me as I go through my own life's milestones and my daughters. 

Animals are a huge thing when it comes to nursery decor and I wanted to incorporate my love of flowers in some way and floral crowns are huge right now. Right now I have woodland animals but I will be expanding into safari animals and farm animals soon! 

I offer pieces for each milestone in life so if you are a client of mine you can start with when you fall in love, to when you get married, to buying your first home, and then having your sweet babe. 
  • LOVE & WEDDINGS: Weddings are the perfect example of my love for lettering on every surface. For the wedding itself I offer:envelope addressing, place cards, seating charts, programs, menus & any other lettering or signs you may need. I also design custom crests and watercolor floral wreaths with your wedding date, new names, initials or anything special to represent your special day.
  • HOME: For home I offer prints, originals and canvas of hand-lettered quotes and songs. I can do lettering on just about any surface I can get my hands on.
  • BABY: I offer custom watercolor and hand-lettered birth announcements in a variety of themes. I also create hand-lettered baby quotes and watercolor animals for nursery decor. 
  • MISCELLANEOUS: I am working on a line of greeting cards for each category, including but not limited to thank you notes, invites and more. Custom commissions are some of my favorite things to create. I always tell my clients if they can dream it, I can create it
My favorite animal is constantly changing. But I do love alpacas, hedgehogs and fennec foxes. Literally the most random assortment of animals ever. You'll see a lot of those influences in my pieces.

My process varies for each item I create.
  • LETTERING SONGS & QUOTES: A lot of my ideas for lettering come from songs that I personally love or lyrics that stick to my soul when I hear them. And a lot of times they are songs that people use as their first dance songs for their weddings. I do a lot of my hand-lettered work on my iPad Pro and my Apple Pencil which has been a total game changer for the world of calligraphy and hand lettering. 

  • WREATHS: I am usually commissioned to do these to the client requests the flowers that they want. From here I search through the depths of Pinterest for the types of flowers they want me to paint. I try and find photos at every angle I can find of the flowers, which has taught me soooo much about flowers and their names and where they are from. from there I "build the wreath". 
  • I used to pencil sketch these on paper for the rough drafts that I sent to clients, which used a lot of lead and erasing and paper. But now I can send clients digital proofs of pencil renderings that I create on Procreate on my iPad (see I told you it was a total game changer!) this makes any changes the clients wants so much easier and I'm not killing a thousand trees while doing it. Once the client approves, I start painting (my favorite part) and the last thing I do is hand write the quote or clients names and wedding date).

  • BABY ANNOUNCEMENTS: These take the most work and sketching and research. First I decide what theme I want. Then I make a list of all the items that go with said the me. So for example some of the items I listed on my woodsy announcement were mushrooms, canoes, wood, acorns, etc...Then I make little pencil sketches of each item. 
  • I have a base design I use for each announcement and I work around that. I usually use my light board for this and put the base design under a piece of scrap paper and it's sort of like putting a puzzle together. Making all the items fit together and at the same time not making it too cluttered. I love this part of it. Then once I have all the items sketched into the announcement I then go on to painting and lettering all the sweet babes info.

  • CARDS AND PRINTS: Breaking into the world of cards and prints has been a different experience for me. These things are not custom and need to go with what's trending right now. Such as llamas/alpacas. It seems so random but people go crazy for a llama/alpaca print. They are adorable first of all, super puffy and I have recently fallen in love with Peru and where the largest number of llamas and alpacas can be found in the whole world. Seriously google peru and tell me you don't want to go there! The bright colors of their textiles are amazing to paint and the fact that they dress their llamas/alpacas in them is amazing! 
  • I will soon be offering prints of original watercolors of my llamas and alpacas, along with cards for every occasion with my cute Peruvian pets on them. 

I told you she was great right? Her pieces are just as amazing as they look on screen. 

Now, go show her the love! 


  1. Cuteness overload! Our Best is so talented!!

  2. OMG, I wish I could write that like. Her handwriting is just gorgeous!! I love the watercolor animals the best!

  3. I love those fonts and calligraphy and how cute those drawings are too!


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