The Bachelorette: Season 21: All four hours.

June 29, 2017

Happy Thursday! Today is technically my Friday and thank heavens! I am off to the land of rolling hills and vineyards and I couldn't be more excited. 

This week we were graced with two nights of Bachelorette, something that thrilled Adam. For his sake and mine, I watched night one with my girlfriend Ryann and then the second night with Adam. He's lucky I've got her or he would have been in for F O U R solid hours. 

Let's get to it. 

We pick back up with Kenny bringing Lee outside to again, talk about how they both talk shit about each other to Rachel and that they hate it. Oh Kenny and Lee. This whole thing is crazy cakes. I think they're both gonna go home. If they've learned nothing about this show, this much drama never turns out to be good for either party. Unless you're Vienna and Jake and we all know how that turned out. A huge blowup breakup on national TV where Vienna accused Jake of pretty much beating her up. Soooo. 

Alright tangent, and we're back. I think Bryan is actually really into Rachel. At first, she acts like shes not buying what he's selling, but before we know it, they're making out and he got the first rose of the night. Bryan reminds me of every contestant that focuses really hard on the lead, and the lead soon realizes that the contestant likes the lead way more than the lead likes him. 

Here's hoping this isn't the case with Bryan because he's a doll. 

ONE-ON-ONE: Jack Stone makes me laugh. He seems like a guido that lives in Dallas. The body language is no good here. This is the worst date ever. 

This date is so awkward. Rachel is saying something is missing and I think it is so obvious to everyone watching that something is seriously missing.  She is not at all interested.

"I would lock the door and we would lay in bed and hang out." Grossssssss. He's going home. 

Spoiler Alert: Jack Stone (shocker), Iggy (the shit stirrer) and ____ (the tickler). I think Rachel made some pretty good decisions there.

Let's go to Oslo.  I'm not at all shocked Bryan got the first European one-on-one. I mean, from the first five minutes of this episode, you can tell that Bryan is going to be a front runner. Now we just watch all the other guys freak out.

You can tell Rachel is terrified repelling off this mountain. Shoot, I don't blame her. But hey, It's ABC, nothing is gonna happy. I think they are adorable. He is so into her and it's undeniable she is interested. Attention-- Bryan is in LOVE. swoon. First "Falling in love" mark it down!

GROUP DATE: Let's do this. Aka let's get through the date so we can go to the two on one with Kenny and Lee. Handball in spandex.  Do you think ABC required the boys to wear this outfit?

Dinner date portion - Rachel loves to make out. I love the Russian and his top knot. Josiah is laying it on thickkkkkkk. I don't think Rachel is buying the sh** he selling. Will got the rose? Shocking.

Kenny keeps calling Lee reptil-Lee-an” and a “Lee-zard, and it just furthers solidifies my thoughts that they both need to go home. Good lord.

TWO-ON-ONE: I wish Rachel would go with her gut and trust Kenny because she's gonna watch this show back and realize that Lee really is the villain. Can you tell how incredibly cold it is?! They're both gasping to catch their breath! Can we talk about Kenny coming back laughing at Lee? I feel like they're both losing it a little bit.

Rachel: "Lee, I don't trust you. I have to send you home." Hallelujah. BYE LEE.

Lee: "That's okay sweetheart." Gross.

Adam: "Skummy lee is totally gonna be on bachelor in paradise right babe?" 

It's so sweet to hear Kenny talk to his little girl. It's very very sweet. She is darling.

Mid-episode rose ceremony. Let's go. How do we get Chris Harrison to listen to my requests that rose ceremonies need to end the episodes. We're just looking for closure here Chris!

"If she doesn't pick me there's something wrong with her brain." -Josiah

Spoiler Alert: Josiah boy bye.  Anthony. 

TO DENMARK: Back to my thought a few posts again; Do we think Rachel gets to pick where she goes? It looks beautiful here but so cold. I would be like, hey ABC take me to the islands. I want to wear bathing suits, cover ups and drink cocktails on a yacht.

ONE-ON-ONE: I'm not sure why, but Eric seems like a little boy. Like the annoying next door neighbor that's always wanting to ride bikes around the neighbor and play cops and robbers (which was my favorite childhood game BTW).

Eric is clearly obsessed with Rachel. Whether or not they have a connection is beyond me, but I think he's obsessed with the idea of Rachel. He's very excited/hyper/giddy/silly. I imagine it's because he's a bit nervous but it seems like an act. Oh you just happen to have your suit with you? 

I know Rachel says she likes his energy, but yikes. He gets rose.

GROUP DATE: Viking challenge. Funny that Kenny wins but then later in the night, she sends him home. SPOILER! Dean might not be super physical with these boys but an hes cute and she thinks so too. PS. Adam called Peter getting the group date rose. He's way better at this than me.

ONE-ON-ONE: I agree with Rach (we're besties now). Will is sweet, but it's alarming that when he describes himself, he says hes affectionate and passionate, but they just looked like friends on this date. SPOILER - bye Will.

Spoiler: Alex. I was actually sad about this and apparently Rachie was too. He was so cute and manly, but apparently not enough. But she kept Matt, who I'm sure is still just a stand in while she figures out if shes marrying Bryan, Peter or Dean.

We are S I X guys away from a finale! Can you believe how fast this season went? I barely know the guys names yet!

See ya'll in Paradise, sooner than we thought!

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