The Big 30.

June 8, 2017

Happy Birthday to me! The big 30. I've been prepping this post for a while now and I'm been hinting to everything on Instagram and it's finally here. I am finally thirty. (PS. how many times do you think I can say thirty in this post?) I'm shooting for at least 75.

I put a lot of stock in turning 30. It's safe to say I've been thinking about turning 30 since I turned 25. When I was 25, I did not want to turn thirty. In my head, turning 30 was a deadline, a momentous occasion, something to work towards. I had all these ideas of what 30 was supposed to look like, what I was supposed to look like, where my life was supposed to be. I placed a lot of value in turning 30. I thought my twenties were the best time of my like and why would I want to leave them?

A year ago, I wrote a bucket list for 30. I had a countdown to thirty starting at 400 days out! I had everything in my head I wanted to accomplish before 30 or else. Or else what? My life didn't hold the meaning it would have if I'd completed such list?

For the record, I didn't buy a new fridge, instead, we bought a dog. Adam and I haven't gone on any crazy fabulous trips, but we've watched our siblings get married, we've celebrated with friends on their bachelor and bachelorette parties and we've spent time together. I realized instead of putting stock in the number 30, I should put more stock in me.

I think the weirdest part about turning 30 is saying goodbye to my twenties.

My 20's were incredible, they were wild, beautiful even, but my 20's were also a lot. I was in college, I loved, I was heartbroken, I made great friends, I learned that friends will break your heart worst than boys will. I drank too much, I didn't travel enough, I made mistakes, I graduated college. I moved home. I bought Henry. I moved states 3 times in my twenties. I was a bartender. I went to law school, I met my best friends. I met the love of my life. I turned into we for the first time ever. I failed. We passed. I took the bar (a few times...). We got engaged, we got married, we honeymooned. We moved to Colorado. I got hurt. We picked things up. We bought a house, we bought another dog. We traveled. We vacationed. We love and live.

When I put my thoughts to this page, it's hard to imagine a decade can cover so much life. So much happened in my twenties. So much life. Now, here I am, the night before a new decade. Am I the only one who understands the gravity of that. I cant stop it, but I can welcome it. Why is turning 30 such a big deal?

30 is a big deal. 30 is a new decade. 30 is a new group of years.

I've never been more excited for my 30th year. If my twenties covered that much life, I can only imagine how much life my 30's will cover. There are so many incredible possibilities my thirties will cover.

In my 30s, I will:
  • Thank my body for getting me through my 20's. I was harsh to it. I drank too much, I ate packs of Oreos when I should have been eating salad. My 30's will be about making the best of my body. 
  • Continue to learn how to say no. I am not good at telling people no. Friend guilt is real. I'm learning that strong relationships are better than lots of relationships. 
  • Never forget the people who got me through my 20s and stuck with me into my 30s. Life changes a lot in 10 years and the ones who stick around are the ones worth holding tight too. You know who you are. 
  • Grow my family. I cannot wait to have a family with Adam and here's hoping my 30s are the years that I can provide that. 
  • Still write thank you notes, send birthday and anniversary cards and call people on the phone. 
  • Show up. I will show up for my friends, for my family, for my job, this blog and all the other things that are important. I will make people feel important. Relationships are key to my happiness and I will continue to cultivate those. 
  • Still love my dogs more than most humans. 
  • Still eat ice cream, drink wine and complain about working out. I will will continue trying to make 6am pure barre classes. 
  • Do what I want. I will do what's best for my family. I will do what's best for me and Adam. 
  • I will continue to live this beautiful life to the best of my ability.

I was afraid of 30. I was nervous to let go of the youth of my 20s. But I'm not anymore. I am estastic. 

On my 30th birthday, I will have the hardest most challenging hearing of my professional life. I will walk in, argue my heart out and (hopefully) win. Then, when I'm done, I'm sipping champs, jumping on an airplane with my husband and I'm heading to Arizona to spend the weekend with my family and the best of friends. 

30 is exciting. 30 is a new decade. I couldn't be more thrilled to start this decade and this year.

Here's to the next ten years and the possibility of everything. 

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  1. HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!! So many YES'S to this post and what life will look like in your 30's.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! I remember when I turned 25 I freaked out. I was like oh my gosh I have 5 years till I am 30. I don't want to turn 30. So when the day came for me to turn 30 last year I was like okay...this is quite as a big deal as what I thought it would be. Now I'm 31 and nothing feels much different. I loved my 20's for the most part. I too drank way too much at times, ate a little unhealthy, made mistakes,etc. That's what life is all about. Enjoy it! I hope you enjoyed your day!


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