29 things about my 29th year.

June 6, 2017

It's no secret I'm turning 30 this week. If you're not following along, I've been talking about my 30th birthday for like the last year. It's a new decade, a whole new 10 years. It's huge. And, I'm always down for a party. However, this may come as a shock, I'm not the biggest fan of my own birthday. I'm not sure why I don't love my own birthday, I would just rather celebrate everyone else's than my own. But I'm learning to embrace change, new ages and new adventures.

In the process of becoming 30, I've been looking back on my 29th year. It was such an amazing year. There was so much joy, so much growth and so much happiness. I traveled, I laughed, I took thousands of pictures (I wish I was kidding) and I learned so much. Before I leap full force into a new decade and a new year, it's time to look back on the good stuff. Ps. Today is my engage-aversary! So here's to that as well!

In no particular order, lets recap.

ONE: I became an Aunt to three delicious nephews. Leo, Otto & Jack are the newest little loves in my life. They're so precious. Also, watching my sister-in-laws become moms (some twice and three times) is one of the greatest things ever. I'm an Aunt x6 and I'm obsessed.

TWO: I watched my best friend marry her love in the most amazing ceremony in Virginia. There is no greater joy than watching your best friend find her forever. I am so lucky I was able to stand next to her and it's a memory I'll cherish well into my 30s.

THREE: Welcoming Lola into our world. It's been a crazy one, but the best one. She is the happiest dog I've ever seen and our little family is complete. Don't worry mom, just complete with animals, there's always room for babies (no, I'm not pregnant). PS, Lola turns ONE tomorrow, so stay tuned for all the pictures.

FOUR: Surprising Adam on his 30th birthday by throwing a huge crawfish boil with all our friends and family. The bad part about this?? Lying to my husband for months. It's so hard! We ate crawfish, drank keg beer, ran races in the yard and enjoyed the company of our friends and family. His birthday is in a little over a month and I really have to start planning.

FIVE: Celebrated two of my best friends bachelorette parties. I had the chance to go to Austin and Calistoga and spent the weekend hanging out with some amazing woman, drank great champs and enjoyed the best company. Their weddings are going to be amazzzzing. They're this summer so stay tuned for the good stuff.

SIX: Grew this space. I hit 1.6K followers on Instagram, was approved by LiketoKnowit, got to work with some awesome companies like Tobi, Nip + Fab, Ellie Kai, Freebird Shoes and met some amazing blogger friends. This space is one of my favorite things in the world. I'm thrilled by it and I hope you are all too.

SEVEN: Crossed the Adele concert off my life bucket list. Danced to Jason Aldean in the summer heat. And slow danced to Chris Stapleton with my hubs. Live music is my love language and luckily Adam loves it too. Here's hoping 30 is full of lots of great concerts.

EIGHT: Tahoe with my family. We were able to get my entire Englert side together and spend 5 amazing days in the sunshine together. We drank rum runners, boated, took group pictures in matching shirts and stayed up for hours laughing. The Englert family reunion is one of my favorite memories for my 29th year and I cannot wait for more reunions.

NINE: The quite moments. Adam and I love to travel, but our most amazing moments are the ones where its just us two. Laying in bed or on the couch, Adam reading the Wall Street Journal and me blogging next to him watching our shows. Those moments are where I really realize how incredibly blessed I am for this life, especially this life with him.

TEN: Ski trips with my in-laws. I've said it before, but I'm so lucky for the amazing relationship I have with my in laws. This last December we spent a wonderful, snowy weekend in Vail. We shopped, they skied and we spent some great QT together.

ELEVEN: I pushed my activity level and really came to appreciate my body. I haven't always been easy on this bod of mine. I tore my ACL, I complain about my weight or my skin but this year I really started learning to love my body. My 29th year was my first year post knee surgery and I finally felt myself coming back. Adam and I ventured out into our new neighborhood and really experienced this amazing city. We went on tons of hikes, I hit 200 pure barre classes and I started running and riding bikes. Here's hoping my 30th year is my healthiest year.

TWELVE: Adam and I surprised my pops for his 65th birthday and spent some really fun days in Arizona. There is no greater time than family time. I'm really lucky to have a great family that I crave time with. See ya in two days Zona!

THIRTEEN: Crafted some delicious recipes for EG. I tried some new dessert recipes, new dinner recipes and even some cereal. This blog is always a work in progress, but it's the best kind of work. I promise that in my 30th year, there will be more recipes. Let's get back to where EG really started.

FOURTEEN: Had the BEST girls weekend in Denver. I love this city and I love showing it off to my friends and family. We fit more into three days than I usually do in a month. We ate the best food, drank the best wine and enjoyed the best kind of company.

FIFTEEN: In this last year, I failed hard and I learned God's plan is not my plan. I learned sometimes the things you thought you wanted to do are not always in the ultimate plan. But, in challenge comes progress and in change comes things greater than expected. So while, my plan might not be where I'm actually heading, I have a great feeling things are going to be so much greater than I could ever imagine.

SIXTEEN: Watched my Denver Broncos beat the Chargers butt with my hubs and my parents at Mile high. I love having my parents in town. It's so easy, it's so fun and it's always such a blessing. We were lucky to have three visits from my parents this year. Every trip is even better than the last. One thing the Englert's know how to do well is eat. I swear our trips are focused around great food and great conversation.

SEVENTEEN: I spent thanksgiving with my Omaha family, spent the AM with my best friend (who also does thanksgiving in omaha), watched Christmas lifetime movies with my MIL and spent so much quality time together. I love getting 5 long days on holiday in Omaha.

EIGHTEEN: Found my newest obsession in face masks and bubble baths. I know Lush has been around forever, but I just recently discovered them. Turning 30 means its time for more self-care. I learning that I'm only my best self, wife and friend when I'm taking care of me. And, I'm learning that a great bubble bath, wine and quite time is perfect for my soul.

NINETEEN: Had my first blog photo shoot, and then had another and another and another. I'm learning to jump out of my comfort zone and I actually LOVE a good photo shoot. Basically it means spending the day with my friends taking pictures in great clothes. This was my first year of doing the "Fashion" blogging thing and it's hard and its a little nerve wrecking, but I love it.

Here's to many more photo shoots in the future.

TWENTY: I found my favorite outfit and I wore it a lot. Here, here & here to be exact. I learned that when stuff goes on sale, you have to buy it and you should probably buy three.

TWENTY-ONE: I 'm currently still working on becoming a morning person, but I am loving my 6am Pure Barre routine and I'm loving the extra bit of energy it brings to my day. I love the little espresso jump shot it gives me to my day.

TWENTY-TWO: I blogged my SIX bachelor/bachelorette seasons and just when I think I don't like it, I love it and am reminded about others who love it. Thanks for supporting me and the love of this blog and all things bachelor!

TWENTY-THREE: I found my new found relationship with God. I've always been very comfortable with my relationship with Him. But I think comfort breads complacency. I purchased the She Reads Truth Romans Study Book and I'm obsessed. It's such an amazing way to spend time in the Word every day. It brings this joy back to my heart I didn't realize I was missing.

TWENTY-FOUR: Adam and I spent our first Christmas in our house together. We decorated our new home, started new traditions and had some amazing dinners with friends. Hosting in our house together is one of my favorite things to do with Adam. Sharing meals with our friends is such a blessing.

TWENTY-FIVE: I made great new friends, created stronger relationships with my current friends and figured out some of my harder friendships. I read this post the other week that said, the best thing a friend can do is show up. It's such an amazing thought. In a world where so much is focused on gifts or showy acts of friendship, the most amazing thing we can do is show up. Be there. Make the phone call, send the text and be there. 29 was learning about those kinds of relationships and how thankful I am for my friends that show up. My 30th year is dedicated to being more present. I want my friends to be able to say I showed up for them.

TWENTY-SIX: Christmas in Arizona, watching my nephew get baptized, coach house with my best friends and lots of family time. Spending time in Arizona is what brings my heart the most joy. hence why I'm heading there for my birthday weekend. But, I love getting to spend the holidays surrounded by my family in the heat of Zona.

TWENTY-SEVEN: I watched my husband succeed beyond measure in his career. It's so wonderful to watch my husband kill the game in his career all while being a supportive present partner in life. He works harder than anyone I know and I love watching his hard work get appreciated. If anyone deserves the credit, its Adam.

TWENTY-EIGHT: I watched the marriage of my youngest brother-in-law and new sis in-law. They are such a wonderful couple to be around and it was an absolute joy to stand next to them on their wedding day. Welcome to the fam Nico, it's the greatest.

TWENTY-NINE: I found a sense of self. I found my place in my job, my blog, my body, my friendships, and my marriage. I think it's true what they say, once you're 30 you stop caring as much about what other people think of me. When people do think of me, I hope its with a kind heart. I'm learning to love myself and be myself. I'm learning that the joy of others is what really makes me happy. That not being in 100% control actually makes life a little more fun, albeit scary, it's interesting. I'm learning the best thing in life is to hold on to each other.

29 was a really great year, but I have a sneaking suspicion that 30 is going to be even better. I cannot wait to see what's in store for me. See ya in 2 days 30, I'm ready for you.

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