Denver: Favorite Spots

June 15, 2017

Happy Thursday friends! By the time Thursday rolls around, I can always smell the weekend and am automatically in a better mood. This weekend we have very few plans and I am pumped. A birthday dinner with my girlfriends is the only thing on my agenda and the rest of the weekend will be spent doing nothing.

What are your weekend plans?

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with West Elm on their local love campaign. The campaign was geared towards certain cities and the people (bloggers who live in them). Being a huge lover of all things West Elm, I was pumped to be asked. #ad #sponsored.

It gave me the opportunity to really think about why I love Denver, the things, the places and the people. I ventured out last week on a little mini-blog shoot all around Denver with one of my best girls (who also happens to be my photog). We went to some great spots, views, took pictures and ended the day with wine. This has hands down been one of my favorite campaigns to be a part of.

We've been living in Denver for a little over three years. It's crazy to say that out loud because whoa, three years. That means it's been 4 years since I graduated law school. 2 years since marriage. 2 years since I tore my ACL. Time is flying people, make sure you're enjoying the ride. I'm learning that time really does go too fast and I'm trying my damnest to make sure I'm enjoying it (more on that later).

It's safe to say, Denver has my heart. I've written numerous posts on my favorite places, locations, restaurants, dog friendly locations and more. This post will be a little more personal. All the reasons I love living in Denver.

1. WEATHER: I grew up in Arizona so the heat doesn't bother me as much, but Adam is not a fan. While Adam doesn't love the heat, I don't love the blizzard Omaha weather. Denver is the perfect middle ground. Warm in the summer, cold in the winter but sunshine all the time. Plus, cocktails on the patio is almost always a possibility.

2. UNION STATION: You can read all about Union in my post. But this place is a dream. Every single person who has visited us has been taken to Union. Whether you want coffee, cocktails, pretty flowers, a good book or a delicious meal, Union has it all. Plus, if you need to take a train, you can do that too. We love going to Union for drinks at the Terminal Bar, complete with delicious appetizers. Plus, the people watching is absolutely worth all the tourists.

3. THE PEOPLE: Making adult friends is so hard. By 30, everyone has their group of friends, their circles, their own lives. Trying to come in the middle of that is so hard. When we first moved here we knew one other couple and that's it. Through jobs, pure barre, junior league, we have met some of the most amazing people ever. They've welcomed us into their homes, their churches, their friend groups and their families. We are so blessed by the people we know here. Plus, strangers are usually damn nice too. I'm looking at you Starbucks lady who told me I had nice shoes on.

4. MOUNTAINS: On most people's list, this would be the top reason they love living in Denver. I love the mountains, I actually prefer them in the summer. That's probably due to my ACL, but the mountains are the most amazing small towns, great food and for Adam, amazing skiing. I love the access we have. We have friends come visit a lot requesting time in the mountains. Hey friends, come visit! It's only an hour and 30 minutes door to Breckenridge door! Lets go the mountains.

5. THE FOOD: Linger, Osterio Marco & Rioja just to name a few.

ALE HOUSE @ AMATOS: Great beer, great food and one of the best views of the Denver skyline. Craft beer is a must in Denver and this place does not disappoint. Plus, the patio on the roof is pretty awesome.  

6. JOBS: The main reason we moved here three years ago was because Adam had an amazing job opportunity. He wanted to apply, I said do it, and before he knew it, we were moving to Denver. The work load has been a lot at times, but loving what you do makes it easier to do the work. Same goes for me, sure, I'd love to be a blogger full-time, but my attorney gig is pretty damn awesome.

7. OUR HOUSE: Yes, the structure of my house is great, but I feel so lucky that everyday I get to go home to my house, with my hubs and my pups. I don't take that for granted for one minute and it's the very best reason for why I love Denver so much.

Where are you from? What are your favorite things about your city?


  1. I have only been through Denver, never looks like a lot of fun and I LOVE your dress..super cute!

    Fashion and travel

  2. I love this so much! What a cute campaign!

  3. Love this... isn't that Madewell top the best!

  4. What a great post! My paternal grandmother was from Denver, Colorado. There's just so much to love about that beautiful city. This is a great reminder that I need to plan another trip to the area sometime soon. And by the way, I love your gorgeous blue off-the-shoulder dress. It's super cute! :-)


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