Lola is ONE + A Bachelorette Recap: Season 13

June 7, 2017

Happy Birthday Lola! Hard to believe we've spent almost an entire year with our little love. She loves to run around the backyard like a crazy, eat sticks and sprinklers, chase birds and other dogs, watch TV, play fetch, eat treats and bug Henry. She will jump on you when you walk in our door, she'll lick your face, snuggle like a human and think you're her best friend.

She's crazy but man she's cute. She's brought so much love and joy to our house. While Henry probably isn't thrilled most days that he has a younger pup in the house, I think he loves having company.

Let's look at pictures.

Alright, lets get to the bachelorette. This last week was full of plenty of drama, starting with DeMario coming back to the Bachelor mansion to apologize for the man he acted like the day before. I agree with Rachel on this; I appreciate his recognition of his player-like tendencies, that hes growing and learning, but that doesn't mean he should get to stay with the rest of the men.

One of the many things I love about Rachel is she sticks to her guns. She is not afraid to show her emotions, but it appears she's really here to find love. I am feeling refreshed by her as a Bachelorette.

Bye DeMario, let's hope this is the last we see of you. The boys men celebrated Rachel after this and then we headed to a rose ceremony. Spoiler Alert:

BYE: Blake, Jamey, Whaboom (Lucas)

The best part about the rose ceremony was the bitch fest that Blake and Whaboom had. Blakes mad because he thinks he lost out on a chance with Rachel because of the drama between him and Whaboom . Hey Blake, you lost out because she doesn't like you. Period. Next. 

Oh, wanna know what else I found out. Whaboom has been on like 7 different reality shows and Tuesday morning he appeared on GMA. It's clear Blake was right in his point that he is only on TV to further some kind of career. You know before we know it, he'll be writing a blog and selling hair vitamins. Best of luck Whaboom , I hope this is the last we see of you, at last until Men Tell All. 

We're still at that point in the season where I don't know all the guys. So many are coming up to Rachel at the cocktail party that I can barely separate one from another. I figured I cannot be the only one who doesn't have a clue who Bryan is, so I figured, let's recap the boys this episode
Adam: I'm pretty sure I've never seen him before. He claims to be a real estate agent, but I don't think he hasn't uttered a work yet. He's cute, but he's young.  
Alex: Rubik cube at the cocktail party. That's cool. He speaks spanish and I think it's very clear that Rachel has some chemistry with him. He was a good sport on Ellen, has peed in the Bachelor pool and has kissed Rachel. I think I see a top 5 in Alex.  
Anthony: He gets a one-on-one date! He gets to ride horses on Rodeo Drive through Beverly Hills. If it were me, I'd rather be in a cool car, but hell. The horse poops in a store and we find out that Anthony has never ridden a horse. Their date was cute, but I'm terribly bored by him. This won't work. 
Brady: He's a model. That's all we know. I swear he just got on this show yesterday. If I didn't know better I'd say he was an extra, just there to fill the space.
Bryan: He'e the chiropractor. I was a little weirded out by his mid-cocktail party massage last week, but I actually enjoy him. I think he's gonna go far. \
Bryce: Besides his over-pronounced jaw and the fact that he won the mud wrestling, I have no idea who this is. See my description for Brady. I'm bored.
Dean: I'm obsessed. I think he's a front-runner for sure. 
Diggy: I would like to see more of him, I like him when I see him. But the fact that he hasn't spoken once this season is a little insight to the fact that he might be going home soon. 
Eric: He seems like a little boy who really wants to find love. I don't totally agree with Lee telling Rachel he shouldn't be here because he's never loved anyone before, but I still dont see a future with him and Rachel. I think she is way too mature for him. Plus, he seems way too aggressive and he's too much in his head. He's gonna lose it soon. Something dramatic is gonna happen to him.
Fred: Poor Freddy. He was the one who was a camper when Rachel was a counselor. I'm glad she sent him home because she was never going to get over the fact that she knew him as a kid. I liked him, I wish she would have given him a chance.
Iggy: I think he's darling but they will never end up together.
Jack: Jack Stone. The attorney. That's all. 
Jonathon: He brought stuffed hands to the cocktail party and he states his profession as a tickler. Gross. No. 
Josiah: I have no idea who this is. 
Kenny: He has a daughter and Rachel is super intrigued. I think he will go far. 
Lee: Like I mentioned before he seems slimy to me. He seems like there is always something else in his head. He likes to stir up emotions in people (see Eric) and I just think he's here to cause trouble.
Matt: Now, I know he has to be an extra.
Peter: She loves him. She loved their date last week and she loves the gap in his tooth. Top 3 for sure.
Will: He plays basketball with Rachel at the cocktail party in a suit and a dress. That's all I know about him. Oh, he has a really nice smile. 
Guest person: Ellen Degeneres: how do we get her on the blog for some commentary?

My top 3 Picks: 
Will or Kenny

What do you think of the bachelorette this far? Who are your top picks?

Happy Wednesday friends! Tomorrow, the big T H I R T Y year old post is up.

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  1. OMg how precious is Lola! Happy Birthday to the sweet girl! Thanks for the bachelorette recap its looking interesting.


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