The Bachelorette: Season 13: Lee is the new villain

June 22, 2017

After two long weeks, we are finally back. Thanks a lot NBA finals. In case you missed it, Bachelor in Paradise was cancelled (see my thoughts here), but today it's BACK! I'll see ya'll in Paradise soon!

We pick this episode back up with Eric yelling at the group and Lee laughing at Eric. I think my favorite line out of contestants mouths are "I'm not here to make friends." Those people usually self-combust before the lead even has the chance to send them home.

This guy need to gets the shit kicked out of him. (Referencing Lee)
Ps. If you haven't heard the news on Lee, he's a racist and a misogynist. Rachel even clapped back at him on twitter yesterday. 
In my bachelorette experience, when this much energy is focused on one person, the lead eventually catches up and just lets that person go. Here's hoping Rachel gets it sooner than later. This kinda bullshit is the stuff that makes this show impossible to watch.

Can I just take a minute and say how much I love Rachel. I think she is a strong, bad-ass girl who doesn't deserve the bullshit these boys are bringing. She deserves the absolute best and here's hoping one of these boys can give that to her.

Also, lets talk about Dean. He is such a great dresser and I love his no BS when it comes to Lee. I'm really hoping he sticks around. My friend Ally and I were gushing about how much we both like Dean. However I read he's texting with Christina (the girl from Nick Viall's season!)

 She also loves Peter and Eric. That dude is wayyy too aggressive. (Referencing Joshia) 

SPOILER ALERT: After ALLL that, she picked Lee and sent Diggy, Bryce and the blonde guy home. I LOVED Diggy. Sad.

To Hilton Head. Is there a Bachelor rule that the first date out of the mansion has to be stateside? I mean, JoJo went to Pennsylvania for goodness sake. And, it also must be a requirement that they all have to stand on a balcony somewhere and yell her name.

I've always wanted to go to Hilton Head. Have you guys been?

FIRST ONE-ON-ONE: Dean. Shocker. She adores him and it's very clear he adores her. I'm on team Dean here, I would not want to go on a blimp. Wait, Dean is 25? No wonder he's so smiley. Oh my tears. Deans' story about his mama, Whew.

Here's hoping shes talking about Dean. 

Hey Russell Dickerson. I am the biggest country fan and I do not know who you are. It's funny they have to dance in the middle of crowds. 

But hey, Rus, I'm gonna listen to you tomorrow to give you a fair shot.

On a boat and Josiah is starting to lose it. Not gonna lie, I got super bored on the group date. The one thing that stood out is Iggy. He is a shit stirrer.

Final thoughts: Boo on Lee. I like Kenny, but he's already in his head too much.


  1. I haven't been able watch very much of this season, but I've been keeping up with the spoilers and articles. Lee is pretty much the worst.

  2. I am a closet Bachelorette fan and think Rachel is one of the strongest real women they have ever had on the show. Lee is just trying to get a minute of fame and not worth our time. I hope he goes home before causing too much trouble.

  3. I really like Rachel too! She has it all going on... looks, personality ,intelligence, humor, etc. I do agree that this group of guys seem to LOVE drama. I hope for Rachel's sake that they snap out of it and focus on her!

  4. Yikes to Lee. I do love Rachel though. She's such an inspiration.

  5. I don't watch the Bachelorette, but your recap cracks me up. Rachel is so adorable.

  6. This is awesome!! I love watching the Bachelorette!!



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