My Arizona Birthday Weekend

June 13, 2017

Before we get to Arizona, can we please talk about Bachelor in Paradise?! As a verrryyyy loyal Bachelor Nation fanatic I have to say I am pretty damn bummed. Yes, BIP is middle sibling of Bachelor nation, often ignored. Not as many people appreciate the humor and  pure entertainment  BIP provides. I for one, am obsessed. Half drunk bachelor castoffs prancing around the beach pretending to be in love? Sign me up.
Here's where I'm struggling with this news. I'm about to get a little deep/preachy. Skip to Arizona if you want. For those that don't know what I'm referring too, there was an incident being investigated. From all the sources I read yesterday, there was some "sexual misconduct" filmed and then brought to the attention of the contestants. The contestants in question are Corrine and De Mario. Here's my thoughts on Corrine from a previous post and De Mario's is here.  
It's not secret I do not like Corrine. I didn't like the attention she brought to Nicks season and while I think she's hilarious, I kind of found her to be a sad character to watch. However, this sexual misconduct  Warner Bro's has referenced in their statement is what many of us refer to as rape, drunk beyond control, not able to consent rape. I sure hope this investigation actually occurs and instead of blaming Corrine, we get to the bottom of what happened and provide the poor girl some justice. And while we're at it, leave the girl alone. 
Whew. Alright, let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming, shall we? Arizona.

I've been an Arizona girl since I was 3 years old. I grew up there, went to school there and it's still, to this day the place I call home. When Adam asked what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday, we discussed a lot of options. Should we take a big trip? Grand Cayman? The Mountains! Go somewhere new? Fiji? Telluride?

At the end of the day, all I wanted was dinner with my family and best friends and it's exactly what I got.

My actual birthday was Thursday. It was full of presents, pure barre, work, chick-fil-a and a late flight home to Arizona. We were greeted with my parents and some chilled wine. We sat around and chatted until late. The perfect end to the best birthday. 30 is pretty damn awesome.

 Look at all those beautiful people at my favorite place in the world.
The actual best human. 

30, the number made me nervous. I won't get in to those details, see here for that. But I was nervous about what 30 meant to my life. But I realized, if 30 is me, surrounded by friends and family, eating delicious food, then 30 is the best year. There is nothing to be nervous about.

Friday, we slept in, brunched with my dad at the cutest breakfast spot, Hash Kitchen, I got my hair did and then we enjoyed the best pizza from Oreganos, Friday night with my family, Coti and Matt.

 The greatest of friends since we were in high-school. 

My best friend eva.

My family has come to expect when I come to Arizona, there are two things I want to eat. Oreganos pizza and In-n-Out Burger. I'm a fairly simple girl.

Saturday, I got to spend most of the day with my adorable nephews. My oldest nephew Tomas is the baseball king, and my younger nephew Leo, crawled for me. It was a huge morning in our house. I spent the day watching baseball, throwing fake ones and bouncing Leo. Add in some champs with my sister-in-law and it was my favorite day.

Saturday night, Adam planned a nice dinner with my best friends and family. Complete with a limo to take us to dinner. We went to El Chorro, the place we got married. It was so special. I got to go back to the best place in my world with my favorite people. Call me lucky.

After that, the youngins' went out for some cocktails, dancing in a limo to 2Pac and the best of dive bars. Sunday was complete with breakfast and the airport. I always tell my husband how much I love Arizona and I'm so lucky we had the chance to go back.
To my hubs, you are the best human, thanks for planning my special day and being the best husband ever. 
To my family and friends, thanks for letting me take your entire weekend to celebrate and thanks for being the best. 
I love you all. 
 The cutest nephew.
The best fambam.

 Happiest place. 

PS. Tomorrow on the blog, all the details on my top favorite Denver locations and a West Elm Collab! Happy Tuesday friends!

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  1. Looks like a wonderful 30th celebration! Happy happy birthday to you! Glad you were able to spend it with dear friends and family :)

  2. What a fun birthday celebration! I have family in AZ and absolutely love it.

  3. I understand your feelings on 30 well. It was a lot scarier before I hit 30 but now that I'm in my 30s I can easily say they are so much better than my 20s. I'll take getting older over the uncertainty. A few fine lines for the security. A little more belly for a lot more laughs. Hope this decade treats you well. Happy birthday~


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