Trust the timing of your life.

January 22, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! This week was long. I'm excited for the weekend for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Lately I've noticed a trend, maybe it's just a blogging trend, but it's definitely 2016's trend. It seems like everyone is picking a word to describe 2016. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Say no. Say yes. In the spirit of resolutions or maybe in the spirit of getting rid of resolutions - picking a word to focus on seems to be the popular thing to do this year.

I for one, didn't pick a word for 2016. I totally agree with the idea of it, but when I sat down to think about what my word would be I drew a complete blank. How could I possibly pick one word to describe or focus on for an entire year.

That was until this morning. I woke up at 5am and all I could hear was patience - trust the timing of your life. It was like God was speaking right to my heart.

This verse was ringing in my head --- 

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. 

Read that again. 

 There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens. 

I have to be perfectly honest, I don't do waiting very well. I've said it once and I'll say it again, I am a planner. My life is planned out months in advance and I like it that way. I like to be in control.

But it seems lately there are so many things out of my control. From finding a house, closing on a house - to job situations, blog situations, friend situations. I feel like I'm not in control. Things are not happening when I want them too, how I want them too and I feel a little like I'm on a roller coaster. 

I was just telling Adam like night how I feel like everything is just kind of flying around me and I'm doing all I can to not fly away with it. I'm trying to control what I can, but I'm sucking at it. 

Last night when I went to bed I prayed for patience and peace. I didn't really know why or what I was searching for, but them boom - 5am, God knew. 

I'm learning to trust God and trust the timing of my life. There are things that certainty aren't in my timing or my plan. But I'm learning that those things are usually the things that end up being the very best.

So while me, the planning months ahead control freak, is kind of freaking out about things in life, I'm learning to trust. I'm learning that I cannot possibly be in control of everything and that usually things work out in the long run, even if I cannot see those things now.

Happy Friday everyone. Let's do good things.

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  1. This is exactly exactly exactly what I needed to read today. I haven't been trusting the timing of my life in the way I needed to. Thanks for the reality check.

  2. love this! I am a planner as well and have a really hard time when things happen that make me feel out of control.. several things just this week popped up and I struggled. Such a good reminder that it's ok to let go of that control and just trust sometimes. :-)

  3. This is something that I often have to remind myself of. Things don't always play out the way we want them to, but there's often a reason. Enjoy your weekend and Go Broncos!

  4. Definitely agree with you. I always like to be in control of things and I have serious bouts of anxiety once I cannot control things but I have learnt that some things we can't control and we just need to trust that things will work out how they are supposed to!

  5. "Patience" is such a good word and indeed, it's important to trust the timing of your life. This may seem strange coming from me, because I chose "progress" as my word for 2016. However, I think we must not speed up the timing of our lives, but we must not slow it down either.

  6. You are definitely not alone in struggling with timing in our lives. Everyone goes at there own pace and it seems overwhelming and relaxed at times. Patience is hard! I struggle with it all the time, but when I read a bible verse or pray- God seems to help me calm down. Trust in God, he is all knowing :)

  7. Such a great reminder. Thank you for these words as we head into the weekend!

  8. Amazing post!!!

  9. I totally needed this right now, thank you for reminding me to wait on God and be patient! Have a blessed weekend :)

  10. I don't do waiting very well either. Probably one of my biggest weaknesses is patience for something that I want. I, also, am very much a planner ... or at least I used to be. I worked with a personal development coach that told me to plan out the big things months and weeks in advance: events I definitely want to attend, meetings at work or conferences, goals, vacations, etc. But to plan the day-to-day THAT MORNING. That morning?!?! How could I NOT plan all of my yoga classes for the entire week?? For me, that was the best change and I have to constantly remind myself of it. I won't know what I will feel like doing next Saturday, so why plan that I will attend yoga at 7:30am?

    Good luck with your new goal of trusting the timing ... it's hard, I feel ya there ... but everything works out for a reason :)

  11. This is one of my favorite quotes. I have it hanging in my office. :)

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