The Bachelor: Season 19: 5 hours of the Bachelor.

February 17, 2015

Okay, woah. I love the Bachelor, but 5 hours of bachelor-goodness in 2 days is a lot to handle. This is gonna be a long one, we're doing 5 hours in one post. Feel free to get a strong cup of coffee before you start this post, you're going to need it!

Let's start with Chris' tell all. I can't lie, but I found it mostly boring. I think the Kelsey interview actually hurt her more than helped her. Honey, time to tuck your tail between your legs, apologize for being condescending and let's move on. Second, the Andi interview was heartbreaking. Being a forever fan of the Bachelor, I honestly thought they'd make it. It was so sad seeing her cry when talking about Josh. I'll be the one to hold out hope of them reconciling.

Now, to Chris' hometown. I found it hilar that the girls went to Des Moines pre-Arlington. I've been to Des Moines...  And either Chris made them go to Des Moines first to prep them for small-town Arlington or Arlington doesn't have any hotels. I'm guessing both. I feel sad for Chris that he feels ashamed of his home town, it's even worse that Britt keeps lying to him about it. Now to quotes about Arlington, "Where hills and prairie's meet."

"There is not an open bar in Arlington." Woah.
"There are no restaurants or coffee shops in Arlington. There are no small movie theaters."
"Liquor, Pizza, Chicken and Frozen Yogurt to go"
"A slow drive around Arlington takes 3 seconds."

I just had to share this one from last episode, it's too good. 

Group Date Time! I have to be honest, I love this part of the show because I know all the girls names and I feel like I know the girls about as much as Chris does. Here's my thoughts on the three group date girls.
  • Oh Britt. Let's be real, you're never going to move to Arlington, so stop crying. Next. P.S. I love your crop tops. 
  • I think Carly is hilarious, but I definitely think she tries wayyy too hard. And, haven't we all learned that the girls that talk shit about the other girls, always go home? Especially when you talk about the only one he really likes (Britt). 
  • Kaitlyn. I have to be honest, I didn't like you at the beginning. I thought you were vulgar and a little nuts. I now think you're actually one of the honest and nice ones. I don't think you'll win, but I like you, you're gonna be close. 
Britt's little panic attack post-rose was pretty sad/pathetic. I mean, sweetheart you are on the bachelor. If you wanted to be 'first,' don't date a guy that is dating 7 other girls. This is obviously not for you. But your pouty face is on point.

Day 2 of the Bachelor begins. I'm saying it right now, Becca is the dark horse. Slow to start, but I have a feeling she might win this thing. Britt, threatening to go home, Carly rolling her eyes and Jade's knee-highs... night two is starting out great. P.S. Whitney's pink dress is killer. Where can I get that. I feel like all of a sudden the show went from chaos to girls he actually likes. Let's do this.

  • Becca: Her hometown date was all about her virginity and lack of PDA. Boring. 
  • Whitney: This date was intense. Baby making and lack of permission to wed. But she's sweet and honest and I like her, despite her voice. 
  • Kaitlin: Her date was in Phoenix, so she gets props for that. But the rapping, seriously, it was so painful, I couldn't watch. Her family is adorable, I'm all about them and her now. 
  • Jade: All about nude photos. She is so cute, but I think everyone could tell this wasn't going to work. 

Spoiler Alert: The girls we said goodbye to in the last 5 hours include Britt, Carly and Jade. See ya at the girls tell all! 

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  1. I could have done without his tell all too. I didn't watch Andi's season because I didn't really like her, but I feel bad. She was sobbing uncontrollably. My money is on Whitney, but I really like Becca too.


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