Wedding Wednesday!

February 25, 2015

Attention, attention, another Kristen-mushy wedding post coming your way! 

This past weekend Adam and I had the most amazing couple's shower. It was hosted by three of my best girlfriends, Adam's 2 sisters and his mom. We were able to spend so much time with our best friends and family all while celebrating our upcoming wedding! It's crazy to think that the next time we'll be with all these people will be on our wedding day! The shower was so much fun, but also so special to us. These 6 ladies have known Adam and I since day 1 so they catered it to us and our personalities. It was so special. They went all out with amazing details. One of my favorite details included Adam's answers to questions that the hostesses asked him. The questions included "I admire Kristen because..." "I knew Kristen was the one when..." and "my best date with Kristen was..." It was so sweet to read Adam's answers abut our relationship. I cannot wait to marry this man :) Thank you to all the lovely hostesses for the perfect Saturday. 

1. Adam and I celebrating. 2. My 3 beautiful friends & hostesses. 
3/5/7. Adams answers to the questions. 4. Our mimosa bar 6. My little niece, Isabel

Here are so extra pictures that I couldn't fit in the collage :) 
 Adam and I :) 
The bloody mary bar! The boys favorite part 
my lovely hostesses! 

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