The Bachelor: Season 19: Oh, the Bachelor.

February 3, 2015

Are you getting sick of these yet? No? Good because Bachelor Mondays are my fav! At this point, we're getting to 'know' the girls pretty well right? Since we know that Britt doesn't shower, Carly's eyebrows are over-plucked and Ashley I cries a lot, I figure it's time to get to know our Bachelor. Here are 9 questions I wish I could ask Chris Soules and for fun, some classic quotes I just couldn't resist. Oh, and a picture to catch all of you up on the losers, aka the girls that got kicked off.

Nine Questions I want to ask Chris Soules:
  1. Why is your mouth so small? 
  2. Who's idea was it to go to a love guru? 
  3. Why do these girls think it's a good idea to 'come back' and 'fight for you?' Were you really going to give Jordan a chance?
  4. Did Britt take a Xanex? Or how did she get over her extreme fear of heights? 
  5. Is nap actually a keyword for sex? 
  6. Who dresses you?
  7. Do you believe Kelsey? Or do you think she made up the story, like we all do? 
  8. Does crying work for you? 
  9. Based on your current woman, do you actually think you're going to find your wife?
"I've never been out of the country." -Megan, as they head to New Mexico.
"...and I don't think the wine helped." -Jordan, the episode 2 reject, but also the consensus of every girl on the Bachelor, ever.
"This is a man who respects you all so much and respects me so much." -Kelsey, the actress. 
Spoiler Alert: The girls who got kicked off See ya next week peeps. And next week looks juicy! It's about time. I'm in need of some drama and tears! 


  1. I was bummed there wasn't an elimination because I was really hoping it would be Kelsey. Totally think she is making it up.

  2. KELSEY IS SO CRAZY. So sad no one was eliminated. I'll be honest, I had to change the channel during the love guru. Too much awkwardness.


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