The Bachelor: Season 19: Chris, the farmer, the bachelor.

February 10, 2015

We're finally at that point in the Bachelor where I know (most) of the girls names and their stories. We know that Kelsey is a widow, Ashley is a virgin, Britt doesn't wash her hair and Carly has horrible eyebrows. But we're also at that part in every Bachelor season where the crazies make their appearance. And the crazies definitley came out last night on the Bachelor. Every season there are always a couple that act a little nuts. People say it's the "pressure" of being on TV, the late nights, but I'm pretty sure it's the copious amounts of wine that's consumed that turns these average ladies into nuts. Remember Lucy from Juan Pablos season? Yes, the girl that was always naked. Or, Courtney, the ultimate bachelor villain? Every season has had its crazies, but I'm pretty sure Kelsey takes the cake. Some classic Kelsey quotes from last nights episode.
I use big words... I'm a smart girl.
I came here to win it.
I would hate for you to let go of all the potential between us, because of girl talk.
I'm 28 years old, I was married, I lost the love of my life, I am a woman and I'm going to remember that she thinks she's playing a game, but I'm not.
My story is amazing, and its tragic and its inspiring and its beautiful. I am immeasurably blessed. 

Spoiler Alert: Unfortunately Kelsey had to leave us this week, but not before Carly jumped on the couch and poured champs for all the surviving ladies. Maybe celebrating someones departure isn't ladylike, but at least Kelsey didn't "win."

The second big story of the night is the undeniable chemistry between Britt and Chris. Don't get me wrong, if I got left in a lobby at a hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota while B&C go to a Big&Rich concert, I'd be pissed too. I'd probably be drunker than most of the girls were, but I'd still be mad. Carly is hilarious and she sure isn't holding back her feelings for Miss Britt...
"She's definitely going to come in with no lipstick on her mouth anymore." -Carly. Well, Carly was right, Britt came in with lipstick half way up her face and so did Chris. I'm just glad Whitney told us she was here for the right reasons, because isn't that the whole point of this show? Meet a guy, makeout with the guy, marry the guy and move to Arlington, Iowa? 

I think next week is going to get all kinds of steamy when Britt is confronted about her real feelings about Iowa. Until next time fellow bachelor viewers. 

2nd Spoiler Alert: Here's the recent update on the unlucky girls sent home from South Dakota. 

Better luck next time McKenzie, Samantha, Ashley I & Kelsey.

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  1. That episode was my fav so far. The Ashley meltdown and the catty Kelsey took the cake. I loved when Ashley stood up to her saying they both had their Master's and were both intelligent she just didn't rub it in people's faces. Too bad right after she cried a river, but it was a good jab.


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