Weekend recap + Believe in the Sparks!

February 2, 2015

This weekend was a blast. After a long, long January, a calm weekend was just what I needed. And, being from Arizona and not being in Arizona for the SuperBowl/Phoenix Open was such a bummer, so Adam and I knew we had to make up for it! Friday night Adam and I made home-made pizza, drank wine and caught up on our recorded TV shows. Saturday we skied with friends and ate fabulous Mexican food. Sunday we woke up to a winter wonderful, we rooted for the Patriots in the SuperBowl with some friends, ate great appetizers and drank delicious beer. What a weekend. I hope your weekends were great too! It's Monday, let's do this.

1. Superbowl 2015, go Pats! 2. New goggles makes for great skiing. 3. Keystone. 
4. Henry the snow dog. 5. Waking up Sunday morning to a winter wonderland. 

Some exciting news today! I am hanging out with Morgan over at Believe in the Sparks! You've gotta come check me out and while you're at it, check out Morgan's blog, it's incredible!


  1. Look at all that snow! I'm so excited to have you on the blog today!

  2. I'm a new follower from Morgan's blog! Looking forward to reading more about you!! That snow looks gorgeous!! Although I can totally do without. haha. I'm not a big fan of cold weather.

    1. Such a bummer to be away from AZ for Super Bowl weekend but that ski trip looks like it might have been worth it!! Beautiful!

  3. Ahhhh noooo I was rooting for the Hawks (long time fan). It looks like you had a great weekend, though!

  4. We just got another foot of snow, I am not a fan! Haha! It is nice for skiing though. Henry looks adorable!


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