February 26, 2015

I've seen these going around the blog world lately and I love them. I think they're perfect so readers "get to know the person behind the blogger!" I found this one from The New Mrs. (go check her out!) and loved learning more about her! Life recently has been crazy around here, lots of changes, trips and things to look forward too! I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed filling it out! 

Happy Thursday everyone! 

Anticipating - our wedding! 72 days! 

Feeling - excited (I'm heading home today!), sore (my knee hurts today!), anxious (first dress fitting tomorrow!) 

Enjoying - All the wedding things we've been celebrating lately. 

Drinking - wine, duh. I gave up beer for lent (and some other things, don't judge) but beer is so hard not to drink, especially living in Denver with all these amazing breweries! 

Making - Lot's of new recipes! Keep checking the blogs for delicious recipes! 

Planning - Honeymoon, 4th of July and our first trip as a married couple that doesn't have to do with our wedding! 

Reminiscing - about our wedding shower last weekend! it was such a wonderful weekend getting to spend time with our friends and family. I wish we could re-do it every weekend. 

Buying - Nothing special...except for wedding related things! 

Watching - If you all knew the amount of things my DVR holds, you'd think I'm crazy. The Bachelor, 2 Broke Girls, RHOBH, Vanderpump Rules, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Shark Tank, Mom, Law and Order SVU, Glee, Grey's Anatomy. Yeah, I know, it's a lot, but I've very dedicated to my shows :) 

Loving - That I'm heading home this weekend to celebrate my best friend's wedding shower! 

Hoping - my flight isn't delayed this morning! 

Hating - my knee brace. do you know how hard it is to dress in winter clothes without being able to wear pants? Leggings are not very warm.  

Working on -  strengthening my knee, growing my blog, working out without using my knee and all kinds of fun last minute wedding stuff! 

Wishing - it would stop snowing. I mean seriously. It has been freezing cold and snowy for over a week now. I just want heat, sunshine and time by the pool. 

Wanting - some new eye glasses. I can't stop looking at Warby Parker and deciding which ones to try out! They're all so cute. 

Needing - a manicure. 

Doing - this very moment? nothing. catching up on blogs, watching some TV and drinking my hot coffee. Perfect mix of activities if I say so myself. 

Obsessing - over everything spring. all I want do to is online shop for everything floral, colorful and flowy. 

Accessorizing - with my knee brace. be jealous, I heard it's all the fashion trend right now. 

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  1. some stemless champagne flutes but never find anything that Do My Essay saw this at Anthropologie.


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