11 Reasons Lemon Water is awesome.

January 25, 2016

I've been joking that my Monday bachelor nights are filled with lemon water and blogging. But it's the truth. Lemon water is getting me through #soberjanuary.

While it was part of my 2016 resolutions to start the year with a refresh - cue the lemon water and 30 days of strict paleo, I pretty sure the lemon water will be one of those things that sticks around past January 31.

Did you know that besides just being super refreshing and a cure for a lack of wine, lemon water actually has some amazing benefits for you?

It's become my new morning ritual and I can honestly say I feel better. I feel less groggy. I was used to having stomach aches and now they're gone! Besides the fact that lemons have a ton of potassium, there are all kinds of additional benefits to warm lemon water.

  1. Reduces inflammation: I love this. Even though I'm 5 months out of knee surgery, I still have some inflammation and this helps! Lets have healthy joints too people.
  2. Aids digestion: Lets get all those toxins flowing through and out of our body. 
  3. Helps you lose weight: This is just icing on the cake to all the other benefits.
  4. Relieves indigestion or can ease an upset stomach: Bubbly tums got you? Have a glass of warm lemon water and I promise you'll be feeling better in no time.
  5. Relieve heartburn: I think we can all agree heartburn is the worst. 
  6. Helps get rid of your coffee addiction: Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my coffee. But I drink my warm lemon water before my coffee and I don't crave it nearly as much. 
  7. Increases your vitamin C intake: People, it's flu and cold season - get that Vitamin C. Lemon water can battle the common cold. Knock on wood, I haven't been sick one, not even a little since the start of 2016.
  8. Clear skin: Clean skin, less wrinkles, reduces scaring. As we get older, I'm all about for something that helps build collagen in my skin and gets rid of all those laugh lines. 
  9. Reduce high blood pressure
  10. Freshens your breath: Yes, please! And reduces the chances of tooth pain and gingivitis. 
  11. Lots of nutrients: Citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. 
Side-note: Lemons are highly acidic and can ruin the enamel on your teeth. Make sure you dilute it a little bit - aka adding water. 

What's your morning ritual like? Think you'll give lemon water a try?

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  1. I just started drinking lemon water in the morning.. since I know everyone says it is so healthy. I didnt know there was all these benefits! ;)

  2. So do you squeeze the lemon in your water? or just float a few pieces? I want to get on board with this!!

  3. I LOVE lemon water. I don't like the taste of plain water so adding some lemon (or lime) makes me enjoy water!

  4. Wow! I knew it was good for you but had no idea it was THIS good. Thanks for sharing.

  5. i always drink my water with lemon as it really adds to the taste which gets me to drink more

  6. I LOVE lemon water! I have one of the fruit infuser water bottles and always add lemon!

  7. Lemon water is the best - I try to start my day with it every morning!

  8. I LOVE lemon water! We also put lime and a little bit of fresh ginger is ours...yum!

  9. I am beginning to add lemon more and more to water... because I keep hearing and reading about all the healthy value... and I keep reading also that warm water with lemon acts as a diuretic so I have been staring that too (with hot tea) - thanks for this great healthy information!

  10. I've heard some of these things about lemons but didn't know all of them - glad I stumbled across your blog today :) yay for a new blog to follow!

  11. Lemon water has been my go-to for the last few months and I couldn't agree with your post any more! I drink it before my coffee to get my day started but also to aid in my digestion!

  12. I gave up soda completely and have only been drinking water so I need to start buying some lemons and adding them to my water to give it a better taste.

    xoxo, Jenny

  13. Lemon water is a go to for me! I try to drink it in the mornings but always being go go go go go makes it difficult sometimes

  14. I love lemon water. I drink it in summers almost every other day! x


  15. I have a coworker who did nothing but sing the praises of lemon water. I wish I could drink it more, but it's like my body rejects the whole idea of something healthy :O Will have to keep trying - it's hard to pass up all these benefits from just a simple drink!


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