Friday Confessions

January 15, 2016

Happy Friday everyone! There's a lot going on over here in our little city of Denver, Colorado. We're only 15 days in to the new year, but I can already tell this is going to be one fabulous year. Cue the Usher song, these are my (friday) confessions.

  • I am not handling the news that One Direction is breaking up very well. Between N'Sync taking a temporary hiatus in 2002 and never coming back -- to Blake and Miranda divorcing in 2015, I am not ready for another break up. 
  • Adam and I are one month from closing on a house! Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly! P.S. Just you wait for my how-to-buy-a-house post - it's a doozy. 
  • As of today I have had no alcohol nor have I cheated on the paleo diet in 15 days and I am feeling great. Honestly, I've never slept better. Now, let's get down and dirty; Bachelor is not the same without wine. 
  • NBC is doing a 2-hour special honoring the director of Friends and the WHOLE cast is going to be there. Talk about reunion. I'm freaking out. 
  • Adele's album has been out over almost 2 months and it's still the only CD I listen to. I literally can't stop. 
  • I'm ready for summer. Am I allowed to say that? I was so ready for winter, but not being able to ski in Colorado sucks. Time for tans, outdoor BBQs and fruity drinks.
  • I just changed my Siri voice to a British woman and it's the best thing I've done in a long time.
  • I've never seen Star Wars before, so Adam and I started Episode 4 and I LOVED it. My goal is to get them all watched in time to still see the new one in theaters. 
  • This week has been so busy. Last night, I was in bed at 7pm. You can start calling me Grandma Kristen. I totally own my early bedtime. 
  • This is a pathetic confession, but I'm really trying to grow my Instagram and it is the biggest game of hide and seek ever. Hey followers, come out, come out wherever you are. 
  • I'm planning a huge giveaway for once I get to 2000 followers. So, hey, let's get there, the giveaway is great, I promise! 
  • I'm obsessed with this mug my friend Ally made me. She owns an Etsy store and creates amazing stuff. Go check her out! 

Happy Friday peeps - what are your fun weekend plans?
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  1. I'm right there with you on instagram. Sometimes it grows exponentially, the next day it's back to! I follow you on insta and love your pics :) Happy Friday!

    Alexis @

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  3. Oops! Had to delete my other post-I meant to say your Suri voice!! Im going to change mine too!

  4. That blasted Friends reunion! Not only is it NOT what they made it sound like, but Matthew Perry isn't even going to be there. Boo!

  5. I'm on a no-alcohol January too... so we can cheers each other on Monday nights with our... water. Whomp Whomp. I agree, it's not the same at all!!! I haven't tried paleo but I'm curious to.. I need to do something else to help drop the last of my baby weight.. which has been hanging around for a year and a half! Happy Friday!!!

  6. I had no idea 1D was breaking up, but I admit I don't keep up with them, but I do like their music. What a bummer! I love that cup!

  7. I'm definitely ready for summer as well (Minnesota winters are soo cold)

  8. I haven't tried instagram yet. Thinking about it.

  9. Growing IG is SO HARD! I'm in the same boat! Also, Way to go on your diet! 15 days without cheating? That's awesome! I love Adele.

  10. I absolutely love Adele, I have been playing her album on repeat these past few days. Have you seen her car pool karaoke with James Corden? So good.
    I can't wait for the friends reunion but Matthew Perry is the only one not in it #takewhaticanget

  11. I love these confessions... I too can't handle OneD breaking up, and the Friends reunion is the bessssst thing ever!! Good luck with your new house and the IG follows!!

  12. I just realized I've been only had alcohol twice in 2016, considering I usually have wine almost every night with dinner, that's huge. It's probably also why I'm sick. I think I'm the only person who isn't on Team Adele, go Florence!

  13. I am beyond excited about the Friends reunion. I've even heard that Matthew Perry would be interested in doing a follow-up to the show type reunion.

  14. I think we could be long lost twins- other than we aren't haha! Everything you said was right on! I'm going to follow you on instagram for sure because that game is! ha. No more breakups, clean eating, and bachelor- yes!!! Oh and I am down with an early bedtime these days! hahaha!

  15. I admire the paleo and no drinking. I am fighting a sinus infection so I plan to do a lot sleeping this 3 day weekend. I really hope to grow my instagram following in the next few months. I am working on some engaging social media campaigns to do so. I'm always hesitant on giveaways, I want to be sure I'm not just getting temporary fans. Keep them wanting more lol
    Congrats on the house.


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