Instagram: Some of my favorite ladies!

January 29, 2016

Instagram has always been one of my favorite social media platforms. It's such a great way to connect with other bloggers, friends and family. I can honestly say I've made friends through Instagram. We connect with each other, comment, chat and feel like I know them.

The creepy side of me loves Instagram because I love the inside look it gives you into other lives, recipes, adventures and all the exciting and not so exciting parts. Its encouraging, challenging, positive and I just love it.

There has been a lot of talk via the Internet about how Instagram is fake and how its unauthentic. I disagree. Sure, you can find the fake parts. You can find the people that follow you just to get you to follow them back and then bam - they instantly un-follow you -- don't even get me started on that part of Instagram. Sure, the negativity is out there, the "bad" part is out there.

But so are the really good people. So are the people who comment on your pictures because they want to and they want to know you. So are the people who share your likes, dislikes and beliefs. I for one can vouch that those people out there. People I've never met in person but who I consider my friends.

These lovely ladies are some of those people. Not only are these girls beautiful, I mean look at them! But they are smart, loving, kind, ambitious and fearless ladies. I'm thrilled to introduce them to you!

  1. Shawna at Shawna Leeann --- Find her here // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook //Pinterest
  2. Amber at Cupcakes and Coffee Grounds Find her here // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest
  3. Veronica at Four Threads --- Find her here // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest
  4. Mallory at Sweet & Sauer --- Find her here // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // Pinterest
I love finding new Instagram accounts --- share yours with me!

Who are your favorite Instagram accounts?

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  1. I'm just starting to see that weird side of IG.. I've had some of the oddest accounts follow me or leave weird random comments on pictures. Thanks for sharing some of your favorites, I'm always looking for more awesome ladies to follow! Have a good weekend!

  2. You are such a doll, and I'm so grateful to be apart of a Follow Friday with you!! :)

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