The Bachelor: Season 20: The Bachelor is Back!

January 5, 2016

Guys, the most awaited show of 2016 is here. Okay, maybe not the most awaited but I am totally pumped. The Bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures and documenting it week to week is one of my favorite tasks.

The first day on the Bachelor is usually one of the best. Someone gets too drunk, someone has an arbitrary job title and there is usually a kiss (gasp!)! Blogging along with the Bachelor makes it so fun.

Just a heads up - I don't read spoilers and I really don't like spoilers. So let's play nice and get through the season without Reality Steve (or comments) ruining it for us. The only thing I do, is post a picture at the end of every Bachelor post with the girls who got booted. I put a red X over their face. So if you haven't watched yet, or don't want to know, stop reading and don't scroll. If not, keep reading and let's chat Bachelor.

Wanna know what else is fun about watching the Bachelor? Adam is sitting next to me, reading a book and listening in. His occasional thoughts are my favorite - don't tell him, but his comments will be in parenthesis and they're hilarious. To start us off, here are a few from him.
  • Ben's mom telling him she know's he's going to find the one. [not true, there are a lot of crazies out there Benjamin]
  • Ben introducing Chris, Sean and Jason as the bachelors he looks up to because they found their soulmate. [wait, Chris didn't]
This episode one was no different than most, but the girls definitely were:  
  • Haley and Emily the twins [that's gonna be super annoying] - they have got to go.
  • The girl who broke up with her boyfriend because she saw Ben on Kaitlyn's season [um...].
  • What the heck is a chicken enthusiast and why does she have framed pictures of them next to ben?
  • Lace, no - stealing the first kiss is no good. And don't be bitchy on the first night. And didn't everyone tell you not to get super drunk on the first night? Don't even get me started.
  • Hey Leah, keep your skirt down. [wow, that was classy]
  • Oh Megan. A pony? 
  • Jackie - you gave him a save the date to your wedding? Next. 
[kristen, please save me. wasn't this just on like a week ago?]

I really like Ben. I'm glad Kaitlyn didn't pick him because now we get to watch an entire season of him! And hey, he's here to find his wife. [how many times does he tell people he's looking for a wife?]

This week  - my favorite girls and my top pick for who I think wins Ben's heart in the end.
  1. Amanda, the esthetician from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA with the two daughters. [she's gonna be too shy for him, otherwise she'd be the leader in the clubhouse]
  2. Olivia, the gorgeous anchor woman from Texas [she's gonna be in the final five - maybe even the final three]
  3. Caila, she's a little too eager for me, but I feel like he's going to fall for her. And, they both sell software.
  4. Becca, I just love her. 
  5. Winner? I think it's going to be Lauren B, the flight attendant. [she's totally going to win.]

Thoughts? What did you think about the first episode? Who's your pick to win Ben's heart? 

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  1. I used to watch Bachelor all the time! But I stopped because we don't have cable anymore and I can't watch it when it airs - and the most fun part was chatting on facebook with my friends who were watching. I used to read Reality Steve too but his personality was just way too obnoxious for me.

  2. I cannot flipping believe I missed this last night! I got it saved on DVR. I've been watching The Bachelor for over a decade (started watching Trista's season in college) and have been addicted ever since. Can't wait to follow along with you! xo

  3. I don't really watch this show but I really liked your recap of it.
    I may have to start watching solely to make fun of the crazies on the show.

    xoxo, Jenny

  4. I absolutely love your thought on the episode, I completely agree with everything you said! Amanda was probably my favorite, but I agree that Lauren will probably come out with the win. Ben is my favorite Bachelor so far (besides Shawn) so I can't wait to see the rest of the season!

  5. We did a bachelor pool last night! I have both Becca and Lauren B! I think I'm sitting pretty! I totally think lauren is going to win also!

  6. Hahaha seriously so funny. JD "watches" with me too. I mean who else is going to watch with me?? PS. Our top 5 picks are identical. Great minds think alike! :)

  7. I totally admit to showing up at my girlfriend's houses for "Bachelor" night just for the wine. I'm always slightly ashamed when my husband knows more about the contestants than I do.

  8. I've actually never watched an episode of The Bachelor and I always feel like I'm missing out on something! I just always forget about...Real Housewives takes priority :) That Bachelor is pretty cute though!

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  9. I watched last night, ok your guys comments are so funny! Lace was brutal to watch, really, he didn't LOOK at you and your are complaining on the first night? A bunch of girls just went home! Besides he is not going to keep someone so high maintenance around, don't let the crazy show until after you are the one and only!


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen