It's January & You want to Try Paleo?

January 4, 2016

It's hard to believe it's already January 4, 2016. That seems crazy to me. It seems like just yesterday I was decorating the Christmas tree and now I'm taking it down, packing up the decorations and prepping for 2016.

Adam and I made the decision WAY back in 2015 to start off 2016 on the right foot. Unless you are brand new around here, you know that Adam and I live/eat/love paleo. As most of you know our adherence to paleo is strict 80% of the time. We love our weekends and we love beer and wine.

Well to start 2016 off right, we decided that in January we would not cheat on the paleo diet. Adam is going to enjoy other food options on Saturday nights, but I'm going for it. Yep, you heard that correctly. That means no Wednesday night happy hour, no Sunday brunch (unless it's paleo), no Friday night pasta binges. Sober January (& eating clean) January has begun! #soberjanuary

Before you tell me that "I only live once" and "I need to live a little," I want to explain why. We're in the process of buying a house (keep your fingers crossed) and we (over) indulged during the holidays. It's time to tighten the buckle on our jeans and on our wallets. We figure by cooking at home all the time and only drinking Saturday night's we'll save money and pounds.

I thought that maybe...maybe some of you are in the same boat. Hey, it's January 4, we've made our resolutions and hopefully as of today, we're still sticking to them! I thought I would share my paleo shopping list and some links to some very easy and delicious recipes to get you started! Paleo is tricky to start, trust me, I was not all rainbows and sunshine when I started. But choosing paleo is as easy as a piece of (gluten-free) cake once you get the hang of it!

Tips on how to start eating and living paleo are what really helped me. My top 3 tips are: 
  • Tip #1: We cleaned out our pantry and got rid of all processed stuff. We wanted a blank pantry to fill up with healthy food and we knew we’d be tempted if we left a freezer full of ice cream. 
  • Tip #2: We made a long grocery list and went shopping. 
  • Tip #3: Allow yourself to falter. If you go 100% all the time you will likely get burned out and hate it.
Need more tips? Here are my top 10 tips for starting the paleo diet

Like I said in Tip #2  - make a grocery list. It's imperative. I promise it will help you so much. Our first trip to the grocery store was a total disaster. We started at Whole Foods, wandered around for over an hour, bought 6 things for $50 and then made our way to King Sooper. We were surprised that most of the stuff we needed was at our local grocery store and for half the price. Score. 

Here's a simple beginner shopping list to get you started! 
Now, to some of my favorite paleo recipes! 
I hope this helps some of you either start living paleo or I gave you some great ideas for dinner. Either way, good luck to everyone with your resolutions, let's make 2016 the best one yet.

Cheers to love, health and happiness! 

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  1. I'm doing "sugar free" January so we'll see how that goes!!!

  2. Good for you! This sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm working towards it and will hopefully get here by next January!

  3. I'm so impressed that you not only made the jump last year, but that you stuck with it, and are now going the extra mile. I've toyed with the idea of Paleo for a long, long time, but I can't seem to take the first steps. I really like the shopping list you included... I'll be saving it for when I finally find the courage to take the plunge :)

  4. I LOVE this! I've always heard of people going paleo, but I've never done the actual diet myself. I used to do only whole foods, but not to the point that pasta was banned! I may have to try this soon! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I agree so much with #3 for any sort of diet. I usually try to make it a really concrete number like "I can have 1 cheat meal per week." That way I don't do it all the time as the excuse that "I deserve it" or whatever because then I get carried away. But also I don't feel burned out from eating only healthy all the time - then I would never stick with it!

  6. I'm doing Whole30 January :) Cheers to a sober month sister.

  7. I did the Whole 30 in Jan a couple years back and loved it. Now I'm Paleo about 95% of the time, my only cheats are the occasional beer and slice of cheese. - Katy

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  9. Good luck! We're not doing Paleo, but we are doing a 21 Day Fix and eating as clean as possible! We cleaned out our pantry as well and are avoiding as many grains/carbs and processed foods as we can, so lots of salads, veggies and fish for us! We went shopping this weekend and bought all the food and then spent Sunday night cooking all our meals for the week and portioning out our snacks so it would be easy to just grab and go! Fingers crossed we can do it!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  10. I've heard some great things about paleo eating. Thanks for sharing your love and tips!

  11. For me, getting rid of all the processed stuff in the house was a big key for sucess when I did paleo. Thanks for the recipe ideas!

  12. We've been contemplating paleo, but to be honest I worry I'm too lazy! I do want to try it though!


I love hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate all your feedback and comments! xx Kristen