The Bachelor: Season 20: 29 of my greatest thoughts.

January 19, 2016

Besides Jubilee and the drama with the woman, this episode was kind of meh to me. Soccer games, jealous girls, cat fights and make out sessions. The usual. Tonight instead of a full recap - I'm sharing my greatest thoughts with you.

Adam is sitting next to me reading his book, but he's listening enough for commentary. Adams comments are in italics. I'm pretty sure his few comments are better than all of mine.

  1. I think Chris Harrison should be around more.
  2. Olivia looks completely different with and without makeup on. Like I get it, a little makeup goes a long way, but she looks like a different person.
  3. When I had false lashes did they look as unrealistic as Lauren Bs? 
  4. Who am I kidding, that girl is a babe. I still think she's gonna win the whole thing.
  5. Seriously, they fly over the mansion?
  6. I can't with the hot tub. Two one-on-ones with a hot tub. Can I be real, if I was the Bachelorette I would not have a hot tub.
  7.  Andddd, Caila breaks. 
  8. Rachel? Have you been here the whole time?
  9. I really wish Adam and I could go on dates with professional singers. 
  10. The twins are still here? How is that possible?
  11. Is Ben drinking red wine?
  12. Talking about her toes. Girls. 
  13. Amber, go away. 
  14. Amber and Ben kissing, "something about a relationship" Um, you don't have a relationship. 
  15. Awko-taco? That's a new one.
  16. Jubilee. 
  17. What is it with the hot tubs??
  18. Ben's family friends just passed away and Olivia is talking about herself. Good gracious.
  19. Some people just need to cut their losses and go home. What a colossal waste of time.
  20. Becca - you are killing it in your pink dress. 
  21. Amber calling Jubilee out in front of Ben is pretty silly - she looks ridiculous.
  22. Ben sticking up for Jubilee and telling Amber like it is - yikes. Might as well give your rose away now Amber.
  23. Wow, Lace. Good for you girl. 
  24. Jami, who are you? 
  25. Amanda, you are a doll. I think you are just the sweetest.
  26. One of the twins, I'm not sure which one, is going to have a breakdown.
  27. Both twins? When is this little charade gonna end?
  28. "Don't ever expect anything from humans." 
  29. Olivia talking about her little communications with Ben... oh boy.

And the verdict: Lace, Jami & Shusanna. 

What did you think about this weeks episode of the Bachelor? 

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  1. I am LOL your post is hilarious. Not Bachelor watcher but your post might have changed that:)

  2. Ha, this is great. There were way too many hot tubs in these shows!

  3. Hahaha this is too good. As a fellow TCU girl, I have to stick up for Olivia a bit (who knows how long I can keep it up), but clearly the producers edited the part about her cankles to make her seem self-centered. There's no way she would just ignore Ben's problems like that! Ridiculous. Great post!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  4. I'm not sure why Amber is even there, the her & Ben "relationship" seems soooo forced. Also I had such a good laugh at Ben expressing how he was upset about family friends passing away and the right away Olivia goes in and is like SOME PEOPLE HAVE WRITTEN BLOGS ABOUT MY KANKLES... I'M TRYING TO STAY STRONG. Like really?!!? And yes, agreed about makeup/no makeup, though I look like a much nicer human with makeup on too so I can't really talk, haha. Also, they have hot tub dates because hello, look at all of their model bodies. It MUST be a requirement to have a perfect body to be on this show, because seriously. AND.. (clearly I'm passionate about this show, hahahah) Jubilee is super awkward, I can't handle it. I feel like she's being totally fake with her whole "I'm so bashful" act. We'll see!

  5. 1. I am just like Olivia. I'm seriously a completely different person with and without makeup. It's amazing.
    2. I never even noticed LB's lashes.
    3. I too think she is going to be the WINNER!
    4. Seriously..with the hot tub.
    5. I thought the same thing about Rachel!
    6. Awko-taco. I secretly love it, and will probably use it this week.
    7. One word: Cankles.
    8. Jubilee...I'm so dumbfounded.

    I cannot wait for next week. The one time in my life I live for Mondays.

  6. LOL I loved reading this. I'm obsessed with this season...I think Ben is the BEST BACHELOR EVER!!!!! I love that sweet girl Lauren. Completely agree....Olivia looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT without makeup. She looks like she's 14.

    1. He really is! Ridiculous dream boat right there. He just says the sweetest things too!

  7. caught me last week and now I actually sought this review and I STILL DONT EVEN WATCH THE SHOW!!!! that is good blogging girl!


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