The Bachelor: Season 20: Lace is still here.

January 12, 2016

As much as I love the first episode of the Bachelor, I love when they start getting into dates, actually getting to know the girls and all the juicy stuff.

Last week we learned that Lace cannot hold her liquor and is extremely jealous, twins apparently talk in unison and if you bring a pony to the bachelor you will get kicked off.

This week we learned that bobbing for apples is a turn on for Ben, dentists are fast runners, everyone thinks Ben forgets about them and I have a lot of questions. This week I'm asking all the questions. This week I'm rambling about the Bachelor. 

PS, due to the unfortunate scheduling of the National Championship Game, Adam will not be commentating this episode of the bachelor -- but have no fear, he'll be back next week.

I'm not one to pick out certain girls, but can we talk about Lace for a minute. First, she wants him to get to know her. So she apologizes and then doesn't let Ben talk or explain. Second, she's pissed that other girls are there, um.. hello, it's the Bachelor.  Have you never watched this show before? Three, she calls out other girls. She's totally the girl that says "I'm not letting the other girls ruin my relationship with Ben." Has she learned nothing from any of the other seasons? Get along with the girls or you will go home. Anyway, enough wasted breath.

I cannot help but laugh when the Bachelor, ABC specifically, tries to plug their own show or movie. Cue, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart giving Ben advice while the casually mention "ride along" in their conversation. Come ABC, do you not make enough money off the bach?

How awkward is this conversation between Caila and Ben with KH and Ice Cube in the back seat - and then in the hot tub? Okay. Regardless, huge chance she's in the top 3. They're adorable together. And Amos Lee, so rad. Why won't famous singers sing for Adam and I?

So I think this science stuff is kind of awesome. But the smell test is no good and Olivia bugs the crap out of me. How do twins date the same guy? Like what happens if one wins? And the other made out with him? I mean, just imagine the family gatherings. Amanda, she rocks.

Is Ben drinking water at the Rose Ceremony? Why are these girls so crazy? Ladies, let me explain something. This is the Bachelor. Girls will "steal" Ben from you. Lace, why are you harassing Olivia? Lace, what are you saying to Ben? This is nuts. Ben making hair barrettes for Amanda's kids, are you kidding me. I can't.

Kiss Tally: ||||| |

Adam walks in after the game --> The twins are still around, how is that possible? And the nut job (Lace) is she still here? Wait, is the one with the big mouth still here? (Olivia) Yes Adam, she is. Babe, how good am I at predicting the winner? It's totally her. 

I still think Lauren B, is going to win. And to the poor girls who went home tonight are:

What did you think about this episode? Is Lace just messing with us all on purpose?
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  1. Oh Lace, just one big ugh. And I felt so bad for Sam after the Love test. Now she's known around the world for smelling sour.

    Penn&Quill || Robin

  2. I may not watch the show but i do enjoy your review and take of the episode! :)

  3. Even though I'm not watching this season I'm enjoying your posts! I've heard my friends talking about Lace, she does sound crazy!

  4. lol ok so, I went to highschool with Lace... I actually know her fairly well :/ . We both went to arvada west and graduated in '08. It makes me so sad that she went on the bachelor and is the crazy one.. I sure hope they paid her a pretty penny to act to dang insane. But wow, I think this speaks a lot for how much insecurities can effect someone. It is truly sad. lol funny side note, she reached out to me a few months ago asking how I started my blog and if I'd give her advice. Who is gonna read her blog now :/ lol. Oh man....
    Danielle Greco -

  5. I honestly can't believe Lace is still there. I thought for sure he was going to agree with her about being crazy!

  6. I can't stand Lace! I think they're just keeping her on for the drama!

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with this show. The drama just gets to me...but I still keep watching, ha ha!


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