Cheat day!

September 7, 2014

Guys, last night Adam and I cheated on our diet. I know, I know, heartbreaker. Can you guess what we chose to eat on our cheat night? If you guessed a whole lot of chinese food carry out, you are correct. It was delicious and full of rice and fortune cookies and lots of yummy processed things paleo doesn't allow. Did I feel a taddddd guilty as I went back for seconds? Eh, maybe. But then I realized, what is life if we don't allow ourselves the smallest pleasures. And for me people, that includes takeout chinese food. So cheat people, enjoy what you love, maybe even have a glass of wine with it, I did. Granted today at pure barre, I felt like I had a 15 pound food baby inside of me, but a good workout and a healthy dinner tonight made last night feel like a drop in a bucket. So, cheers to cheat meals, and cheers to getting back on the horse on a Sunday night. Ps. Go Broncos!

I mean hi. Look at all that goodness. When I cheat, I cheat. 
What's chinese food without some fortune cookies. Adams is the second one, it was sleeping! Ha! 

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