Booty Burn! Workout #2!

September 13, 2014

Workout #2! Callie never ceases to amaze me. Like I told you the last time, Callie is a teacher, and a fabulous one at that. Trust me, I've heard the songs she makes up for her classroom and teaches to all her kids. She's the teacher all teachers should aspire to be. On top of being the best teacher, she has time to workout like this, and make videos! She makes these videos for her class and people at her school to help them work out! She's a saint, if you ask me. Go watch her video!
"Here is another workout video! I do the first set with you on camera! You need a bench or a step or some raised, stable object! You do two more sets after my video ends and the total workout time will be 12 minutes! I continued the workout and by the end, I was sweaty and out of breath! I hope you enjoy!" --Callie

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