Life Lately.

September 15, 2014

Oh life, what a beautiful thing it is! The past couple months have been quite a whirlwind of events. Adam and I have been traveling, visiting friends & family and enjoying being engaged! This last weekend we went to Omaha for a cousins wedding and had such a wonderful time. Here are some pictures of our most recent adventures. 

1. Adam & I at his cousin's wedding. 2. Our family clan dressed for the Photo Booth. 3. Breakfast with our closest friends in Omaha. 4. My best friend and maid of honor, Whitney is getting married 2 weeks after Adam and I. It is such a sweet time for us to share together and I personally am loving planning this with her. She just asked me to be her bridesmaid and I couldn't be more honored or more thrilled! 5. A good, constant reminder. 6. My gorgeous nephew Tomás, could he be any more perfect. 7. Adam and I having fun in the photo booth. 8. My beautiful niece Isabel! 

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