Touring Denver; Izakaya den

September 29, 2014

Last week Adam and I ventured to Pearl Street to try out Izakaya Den. Everyone we've come across in Denver has recommended us to this place as the best sushi in Denver and it did not disappoint. The cool part about Izakaya is that it shares a kitchen with Sushi Den, so you can choose what kind of environment you want, but you get the best sushi on both sides. Sushi Den is a little more quaint, while Izakaya Den is a two-story restaurant that kind of feels like you're in a rainforest. Regardless, either place you chose you dine, you will love it. Suggestion; make a reservation! This place was absolutely packed!

We started out with cocktails at the bar while we waited for our table to be ready. I went with a Gin Gimlet and Adam, Henricks&tonic. My gin gimlet was delish and I felt so fancy drinking out of a martini glass! When we were sat, we asked the server what he recommended for appetizers. He brought us Japaleno Sashimi with Kanpachi and Pork Gyoza's. If you like yellowtail hamaci, you will love the Kanpachi, it tastes very similar, and anything with jalapeƱos is delish to me! The (pork) Gyoza's were amazing. Crunchy with a little sweetness with the sauce. Boy oh Boy.

JalapeƱo Sashimi with Kanpachi. 
Pork Gyoza

Then we moved on to some rolls. He brought us his favorite and then we ordered a Rainbow Roll and the Firecracker Roll. The cool thing about the restaurant was how knowledgable our server was. He told us about everything in the roll, why it was there and why it was so good. If we went back, we'd totally let our server pick our meal for us. The two things he did pick were the best! 
This was the one he picked for us. It was the catch of the day. Spicy tuna wrapped in sashimi.
 Oh my goodness. 
 Rainbow Roll & Firecracker. 
Dessert was my favorite because that meant champagne & mochi! 

The mochi was mango, raspberry and green tea, and they were my favorite part! 

This place is perfect for date night or girls night or basically any kind of night! I hope you go soon and enjoy it just as much as we did! x

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