Funny how it comes

August 30, 2008

It’s funny how one minute you have this idea (ie last nights blog) and then the next morning, something comes to you. For me it was this morning in the shower. There I am doing my thing and I go to grab the body wash (I'm using my roommates shower) and its called, “Falling in Love.” Being the curious person I am I read it - take a look….

Falling in love doesn’t begin with falling in love with others. It begins with falling in love with ourselves. Loving ourselves is healthy and as God intended. Learn to deeply and fully cherish your heart, your soul and your body and only then will you understand what it is to truly love another.

Then, I got out, and here’s what the lotion bottle said…

When it comes to love you need not fall but rather surrender. Surrender to the idea that you must love yourself before you can love another. You must absolutely trust yourself before you can absolutely trust another and most importantly you must accept your flaws before you can accept the flaws of another.

It’s weird how when you’re thinking about things - and everything around you seems to join you in your thoughts. Kind of random - but just my thought for the day. Chew on it.

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