hitting rock bottom

August 13, 2008

I think there’s a point in every ones life where you hit rock bottom. Some peoples “rock bottom” is deeper than others, and some aren't very deep at all. Even though, I think everyone reaches a low in their life that shakes them to the core.

It’s important, its what makes us strong, gives us courage and builds our character. Everyones different, some deal with alcohol, drugs, partying, take your pick. It doesn't matter what is it, or how low you got, but what really matters is how you pull yourself out of rock bottom.

Junior year wasn't my best year, I had some struggles, fought (a lot more than usual) and overall wasn’t content with the way my life was going. But I think recognizing that, and making changes to fix it, is what really defines the struggle and the person. I lost some friends, fought with others, but the difference between a strong person and a weak one, is the one who can get through those, understanding the outcome. I lost a good friend this year, not totally and completely gone, but almost there. It took me stepping outside of the situation to realize, and losing her was pretty close to rock bottom for me, regarding friendships.

Shit happens, you win some you lose some, and how you handle all that, is what makes you who you are. So, who are you? Who do you want to be? We’re our worst critic, and we’re the only ones who can change us.

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