The sound of its beating.

August 18, 2008

What is that one thing, that deep down in your heart, you want? A job, a new house, a new relationship? What is the one splurge that is in your heart? The one that your mind is trying to convince you to say no to?

Sometimes I think that we are so afraid to be criticized that we don’t allow ourselves our deepest desires. The fear of being hurt or vulnerable stops us from getting what we really want. So many times, we sit back and let our dreams pass us by. Do we feel with our heart or do we think with our head? For many, we let our head overpower our heart and do the “smart” thing. But what would we get if we let our hearts win?

It’s time to stop being so afraid to feel something, so afraid to be vulnerable, so afraid to let the world see us raw. It’s tough, and people might laugh and criticize. Yeah, we might get a bruised ego, or even a broken heart, but what, if the once chance we took, was the one that gave us everything we always wanted.

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