taking the time

August 7, 2008

This summer has been alot about catching up with old friends, old relationships and taking a look into the past. its funny, everyone says, ‘lets do lunch/dinner or coffee’ but actually getting to the location is the hard part. since I've been home, i have had two dinner catch up dates, two coffee dates and one lunch date, all with people that i don't keep up with regularly throughout the hustle and bustle of normal life. its nice to sit and catch up, but it makes me think - when is life going to become one big game of catch-up?

Married with children sounds ideal, but it also takes away my ability to spend days and nights with friends, giving me responsibilities that keep me away from my 12 daily phone calls discussing text messages and TV shows.

When am i going to be ready to give up single hood and the opportunities to be carefree and reckless to join the rest of the married population. am i ready to play catchup, with those closest to me?

I guess that's part of maturing, is realizing that life does become one game of cat and mouse, chasing those who used to always be in the know, just for one chance to get together and enjoy a nice cup of joe.

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