thank you

August 12, 2008

so I'm having really mixed emotions about this whole leaving thing. one day i’m really excited to get back to Malibu, the next day i’m trying to hold on to everything “Arizona” that i can possibly find. i’ve done this 3 times already! I should be getting used to this, I mean I am, but still, the last day of Arizona summer always kinda sucks.

i think i have the coolest family and friend base ever. 2 of my best friends came over today to help me cook dinner for the “last family dinner” of the summer. we had a great time marinating chicken and spending our last few hours together. tonight i realized how freaking awesome my friends are, and how ridiculous of a summer I've had with them. so, thank you to my amazing friends, you know who you are. don't change - get pumped for the fantastic days that Christmas is going to hold. i love you.

Not only do I have a rad group of friends, but I couldn't be more grateful for my family. i drank wine with my mom and dad, laughed with my brother and “sister in law (almost, i hope) and reminisced about the good ole days. i couldn't have a better family and i'd be lost without them. so, to them - i love you and thank you.

so back to those mixed emotions - i’m ready. i’m ready because i have the best fam and friends, and i know they’ll be there at Christmas when i’m back.

rock on. peace out Arizona, helllooo Malibu.

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