my role model

August 17, 2008

This week in NSO training we’ve been talking about all the wonderful things Pepperdine has to offer. From its great caf food, great professors to the amazing international programs (IP) it offers. The motto to IP is, “Crossing Boundaries, Changing Lives.” I thought it was cool because by participating in these programs, you do cross boundaries, and take it from someone who went, it does change your life. But the cool thing, I think, is that when we cross those boundaries, be that with a best friend, family member or stranger, they do change your life.

We all have someone in our lives that has changed us in such a way, that we can never go back. For me, I really think that person (along with my amazing mom and dad) is my brother. I don’t think he knows it, or even if he really cares, but he’s that one person in my life, that at the end of the day I thank- because he’s changed me in ways he doesn't know, or will probably ever understand. We were never those lovely dovey brother/sister relationship. You know those kinds, the ones that watch movies together in bed, play ‘tickle monster (think Friends)’, giggle- we were not them. We’re uber sarcastic, always mocking, to the point my mom tries to make us stop. But at the end of the day, he’s the one encouraging me to find what I want, reach for my goals, and search until I find what makes me happy. He looks out for me, protects me and even though we don't say it, loves me. He has this effect on my life- like most brothers do on their little sisters, that makes me want his approval. I feel like, if my brother likes something, then its ok for me to also. He’s my role model, my best friend and my brother - no boy will ever be better than him, and I hope he knows that.

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