waiting on a cure.

August 9, 2008

a little bit longer. recently this phrase has been popping up a lot in my life and with those around me (besides the fact that its a fantastic Jonas brothers song) but its being used regarding everything. a little bit longer and i’ll graduate college. a little bit longer and ill figure out what i want to do with my life. a little bit longer and my relationship will be stronger/better/healthier. a little bit longer and i’ll get my life on track. a little bit longer and ill finally be happy with where i’m at. a little bit longer- and i’ll be fine.

when does ‘a little bit longer’ become now? I feel like you can be happy tomorrow, You can be happy when you graduate. Happy when you get a job, happy when you find the right soul mate. You can be happy when the weather suits you or when you get through your list of things to do. But what about the here and now? When did I lose sight of the present, only to wait a little bit longer, in hopes of being happy.

I guess that hardest part is looking the present dead on, and accepting life for what it is. Accept that happiness is a state of mind and that contentment is obtainable. So breathe in deep, and stop waiting a little bit longer and be happy now.

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