the one with the explanations.

August 7, 2008

Where would we be without best friends? for me, i wouldn’t be the person i am today, without the support and love of my 4 best friends. they teach me and love me in a way, completely different then my family, and in the end has taught me so much about growing up, love&life.

So, onto the explanations - I have 4 best friends, in high school we called each the fab five. yeah, we were those girls - the ones everyone talked about behind our backs, it was fine. we loved each other enough.

We are all very different. two of us played basketball, two were cheerleaders, one was a tennis player. in height we range from 5’4 to 6’1 - blond, brunette, short, long, all very different but still very much the same.

C-tizzle, will be her nickname. our friendship was the typical, ‘met freshman year in hs’ friendship. she introduced me to makeup, thongs, and boys. she practically lived with me till we were seniors and continues to be my constant support. we’re completely different but i think that's why we continue to be such best friends. shes hilarious and sarcastic and absolutely gorgeous, but down to earth- basically fantastic.

My beautiful model 6’1 friend doesn’t give herself enough credit. she’s stunning, one of those girls that as soon as she walks in the room, grabs the attention of everyone, including girls. she doesn’t see the beauty she possesses and i think that’s what really makes her different, she only seems the imperfections, when everyone elses sees perfection. she has a heart of gold and a love for her friends.

My cheerleader love, i have known since 1st grade. she has a nickname that has stuck her her since-forever- and she continues to be one of my best friends. shes the friend that tells it to you straight up. no bullshit, no screwing around, and that's what i love about her. she’s brilliant, a mind for everything. she knows pop culture like you wouldn't believe, but can talk politics with the best of them. she keeps it real, and is probably my most ‘raw’ friend. she is the beautiful, southern belle, prettier than any Texan i know. she doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve like some of my other friends, but she loves in a different way.

My other cheerleader i have known since 2nd grade. shes wonderful, very independent and does things on her own time. there is no telling this girl what to do, because if it doesn't sound OK to her, then it wont happen. shes what the model friend calls cynical because she doesn't buy the fairy tale bullshit. shes hilarious and has really grown into who she is. she’s been through alot, but at the end of the day would put aside her own problems to be there for a friend.

Trust me on this, we do not all get along all the time. we’ve broken up, bitched each other out, cried about fights, made up, fought again, but at the end of the day, we’re best friends. we might not be as close as we were in hs, but that doesn’t change what we’ve gone through together, and that alone is what friendship is all about- getting through the hard times, and knowing that your friends are at the other end, pulling you through them.

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